Dust to side chicks.

As said by Aunty Beyoncé … 👸🏽


Hello from this side my loves. Adele’s album is almost upon us. May be needing someone to break my heart this month just so I can fully relate when the album drops. I’m that committed to her music!


#HappyTears #SettingFireToTheRain #DefinitelyRollingInTheDeep #InNeedOfSomeoneLikeMe? 🎀

Needless to say; today’s piece may most likely end in tears, for some, but remember; this is a No-Judgement zone. An honest space more like.

Apologies in advance.

Please forgive me… I don’t know what I do 🎶 … or whatever he said 🤷🏾‍♀️


Not the animal but the per time lover(s) 😏

Side chicks; some love them, some need them, some make them, some don’t even know that they are.

Why does everything have to be so complicated? 🚶🏾‍♀️#InsideLife

Category One

Can’t show me there’s no point in trying…

On to business folks; we’d start off with the simplest category, the “intentional side chicks”. 🐥

These are the sisters/brothers (side pieces)  who are completely aware that whomever they are after may be very much committed to someone else but they’d take it (why buy “Gucci” when Aba boys can make ”Bucci” for you and you’d slay anyway, right?)

These ones are peaceful though. They don’t interfere with your relationship. They just take what they can get while assisting you in the relationship and eventually move on. Hopefully.

Category Two

If my time is up, let me know right now… 

Killing me softly side chicks” … now these ones you should be afraid of. They are the ones that do what the actual partner aka main chick (main piece/bae) cannot do. It’s intentional, it’s strategic, it’s vindictive.


They play the role of the needed partner till they eventually become one.

One minute you’re settled in a relationship feeling cool, next thing, you’re the side chick seeing your partner on a wedding invitation and the bride/groom isn’t you.


Category Three

Ay ay ay, cómo me duele (it hurts me)  – Selena Quintanilla (Rest In Peace Queen) ❤️


The “Accidental side chicks” … too many scums in this life so most people are in this category without even knowing it.

You need not worry, I’ll explain. Mama’s got you 🤗

You’re on your own coursing through life then someone appears and shows interest, you catch feelings and all and then boom you find out that when they told you they love sharing and have a big heart, they meant it literally. You’re in a community relationship now.


Some decide to exit upon realization, others attempt to but there comes the emotional demon again with the excuses and stories of how his/her current relationship is a disaster but they have no idea how to pull out of it.

Some even go as far as telling you that it’s been dissolved but you know the devil will always be a liar so is this human you’re involved with.


After all said and done; I wish you all wisdom and strength. May the lord be your shadow and knees should Incase you need to run or hide.

*drops keyboard* ⌨️





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