The fool in fool’s town.


I know of a man…

A man so foolish it could be mistaken for untouched wisdom.

In this town; “fools town”, we have named him king!

A befitting title for the greatest of fools amongst us.

As his subjects, he proceeds over us.

Meaning we are lesser fools than he is.

Our king; “fool’s gold” as we fondly call him to his pleasure seeks to acquire no new knowledge.

He only thrives on recycled wisdom from the past.

And as the premise of fools go; he is an island of foolishness. 

His demise wouldn’t be tragic if he were to go.

No other fool, as we all are, can enlighten him because lesser fools ought not to know more than the greatest fool. Ironic.

We are fools – yes!

But alas! we know it.

We accept it.

And we seek to change it.

We do not succumb to our circumstance.

And for that, we are wiser than we give ourselves credit for.

Hence; making our king the only fool in fools town.

The biggest fool of all!!!



In essence; what I try to portray in the poem I’ve written above is that we (humans) are not omniscient ya there are some amongst us who are so comfortable with the little they know and choose to learn nothing new.

Often times, we assume we know what’s best for us and others but in reality, we are usually terribly wrong.

Wisdom is profitable to direct…

May you find the will to keep learning and growing. 💕



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