Conversations with Self.

Dear Self;

I think in some ways we are all hypocrites.

We are all pigments of a shattered mirror that we broke to avoid looking at ourselves for who we truly are.

What is success? A billion failures overcame.

We pray for a better life, we seek a greater future yet we do nothing about the present.

We seek to take way more than we wish to give then we label the giver as “the devil” because they refused to keep being extorted.

Who we are and what we do are one & the same.

To each; a soul and to all, this flesh.

We spend time pampering the flesh yet the soul perishes. Not for the sake of vanity but because we endorse stupidity!

We do not learn because we rather ignore. After all, they say ignorance is bliss.

So we carry on foolishly…

Thinking we know better than the next man because “we are smart”. At least that’s what we say to ourselves when others attempt to enlighten us.

We claim to know better yet we don’t do better.

Where is the wisdom in that?

Our youths refuse to learn or work still we say “God will provide”… Won’t he do it?

No he won’t! He must be exhausted with this ridiculousness. 

This is life as we live it. Existing one day after another but never really living.

It’s who we are. It’s who we’re encouraged to be because somehow we feel safer going with the crowd other than walking alone.

This is a safe space. This is our safe place… many have said.

Yet, I don’t feel safe; not in this land, not in this skin and definitely not in this world…

Still; I stay until my time is done.

2 thoughts on “Conversations with Self.

  1. My goodness! Aren’t we negative today? My time is now. I feel safe. I am my own person with the courage of my convictions. God is not capable of being exhausted, or evil, or wrong about anything. My soul is alive and well, yours is too. Get up and go out and look for “it”.

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    1. It wasn’t my intention for this post to seem negative. I was only thing to express some frustrations felt on this side of the world (Nigeria) most recently. It is a subtle encourage for my people to look inwards and do better despite the unusual hardship. Yes! God is the greatest and his love never fades and we give thanks for that grace. Now & always but thank you for giving me hope with your kind words.


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