Something’s gotta give…

September to remember… they say.  

Here’s a few things to remember though; your health should be a priority; “Mental health” especially. 


Fake it till you make it… most have said.

This is an unspoken motto that a lot of people abide by subconsciously. We’d be hypocrites if we claimed we haven’t “altered” ourselves to seem or look better.

The struggle for perfection has made us all imposters of some kind (I laugh in foam bra) …but I digress.


Too many people are flooded with insecurities and how do we get rid of those? By pretending to be what or who we would have preferred to be.

You wanna hang with the “cool kids” but you don’t quite fit in; so you fake it…


You wanna be cool & fancy? You spend till you seem so, while drowning in debt but it’s okay; it’s for the greater good. Right?

You want that ring badly? So you pretend to be a virtuous woman. Going above & beyond to please your possible in-laws and envisioned husband and then by some miracle; you’re married but can’t keep up because being someone else is exhausting.

You want to give the illusion that you’re “rolling in money” so you lie and borrow and possibly even steal.

All for what??!


Social media is a mess. So many live to impress.

Don’t get me wrong; “chop life before life chop you” but it really isn’t a competition.

Some have become so lost in these “alter egos” that they no longer remember who they are.


I hope slowly but surely we all learn to embrace the lives we’ve been blessed with. Upgrades are necessary but hopefully we don’t lose ourselves in a bid to please others who are also clout chasers.

Should incase you decide to ignore, here’s me flying my white flag. Enjoy these tips on “How to live a fake life” (Forgive my Haggard  look, this was a few days post surgery).







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