There must be something in the water.


There must be something in the water… because everyday it’s getting colder! 


Xenophobia is an anxiety disorder in which meeting strangers or foreigners causes extreme reactions of fear – Google.

The truth is; the world is in shambles which is why we pray for grace & mercy to get by daily because life can be tough.

We have failed to love one another as ourselves and that is why there’s so much misplaced anger, hatred, violence, pain & bloodshed that should have been avoided.

It makes absolutely no sense why humans would decide to behave like animals. It’s extremely sad and distasteful.


The other day, I witnessed a little (foreign) girl begging for arms from a young lady. The young woman looked at her and said “I won’t give you money. Go back to your country. Your people are the ones causing problems in Nigeria. We give you money & you use us for rituals. You are sinners and we, (Nigerians) are holy” and then she shove the girl aside.


Then came an elderly woman who told the young lady that what she had said to the young girl was not only wrong but also inconsiderate.

She then said that if the young woman truly felt that way about the little girl’s race then she should have just ignored her and kept her money instead of belittling her that way.

This amazing “mama” went as far as telling this young lady that her perception of Christianity was flawed & that if she truly believes God is indeed powerful then why fear to help out?

A queen indeed. 


It got me thinking; if that elderly woman from a much older generation was so enlightened then what excuse does the younger woman have for her odd attitude & mindset?

This took place days before the xenophobia attacks went viral.

Moral is; if we cannot find ways to coexist without harming one another both physically & emotionally; then what happens to humanity?

What has happened in South Africa in recent times is absolutely horrid. It is sad that most of an entire nation suffer from inferiority complex so much so that they feel the best way to uplift themselves is to kill & destroy the labour/lives of others.

A damn shame… 


FoodForThought: Taking away the mirror from your neighbor’s home wont change your reflection. 

The Nigerian government has failed us and as a people we took several steps in the wrong directions in the search of justice; such as looting & damaging shoprite & MTN offices. That was stupid but I hope we can learn from our mistakes going forward.


Fellow Africans; I know you’re upset, I know you want justice for the lives & property lost. I do too but an eye for an eye still leaves everyone blind. 

May we find ways to let peace & unity reign.


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