🎶 All the single ladies!!! All the single ladies… put your hands up!!! 🎼 

Technically, we are all legally considered single till marriage. Joke’s on you for not raising your hand 😛


Cheers to the weekend. Salud 🥂

Before we dive in, I’d like to remind you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Actually, i encourage it because that is the best time to live your best life and get to know and work on yourself.

There are those who want to be single but 👇🏾


Today, we’d be addressing “being single”. They say, most men claim to be single while most females claim to be in a relationship.


Let’s shake some tables, shall we? 😈

You see “my dorhling”; the reverse is the actual case ya know? 😏

Most of these “single” men are probably hoarding two side chicks, one main chic, one back up babe and they are the admin of a group chat for upcoming babes and of-course they have friends with benefits and potential knack babes 😉

The cycle is maddening (I laugh in japanese). 🤭


Now sisters; let’s get real.

For those who claim not to be single because they’re in a full time stalking relationship with their ex… ouchy! It’s your name I’m calling… Let’s see your face well! 🙈

Please halt that and kindly stroll over to the single queue.

If only I had that sort of endurance, Dangote cannot talk when I’m talking cos my money go dey smell (because I’ll be too wealthy).

Then comes “Aunty Adele” advising you to find “someone like you” … again? Really again? You wanna deal with that again?


I wish you nothing but the best I guess… or do I? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Dearly beloved; there are those who legit believe they are in a relationship. We call these lovers the “stuck with each other gang”.

These are the special ones amongst us that are so mightily convinced that they do have a partner. Possibly someone they talk to and have feelings for but it’s not being reciprocated yet they hold on to whatever they can get…. oya over to the single queue you go.

A lirru bit psycho?


There are also some females just like the males who are in 7 stable relationships (one partner for each day of the week) but that is a topic for another day my loves.

An inconsequential male said to me years ago that any pretty girl who is single has a problem.

Newsflash “uncle”, you are the one with the problem for being so shallow minded but we will deal with you another time. Let’s fight one demon at a time.


Do well to remember that.

I get really irritated when people that way. I’m telling you now that you can cook, clean, do snake in the monkey shadow style as they call it – I wouldn’t know 😇 *clears throat* and yet still have your man leave you.

Sometimes life happens and your relationship falls apart; other times you focused too much on the wrong things, e.g; beauty but on the inside you may not be up to par.


Never get complacent sisters!!! Be something like an old wine… get better with time because the “single streets” ain’t smiling.

Never understood the fascination of being “taken”. I guess it’s the security and the companionship but have you looked within to be sure you’re not the problem?

I’m just saying… we are all flawed but some people are just plain toxic. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Also, it may just be wrong timing so you need not worry too much about being single. Live. They say love hits you when you’re not looking so look away!



Yes you… planning to trap that man with pregnancy. Stop it right now! You both would only become miserable and you Mr Man marrying her for selfish reasons (gold-digging perhaps) call the caterer now and say you’re not doing again. Thank me later 😊

That’s it for today folks. Join me next week as we continue this conversation… sending love your way!!! 🥰


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