Let Love Lead.

Happy Eid El Kabir Loved one.

Hope your quick holiday has been pleasant enough.

I’m upset.

I won’t sugarcoat it or ignore it because it is my duty to speak up for humanity.


A certain media personality spoke up recently and it has caused a stir in emotions & beliefs.

First off, religion is an incredibly sensitive topic all over the world so one must thread with caution before publicly stating their “truth”.


There is no light way of stating one truth without offending another but we can at least empathize and live out the truths we choose to believe in.

I am grateful I’ve gotten to a point where I can decipher what is right and what is ground then search my conscience for answers that bring me peace. That is true spirituality.


Same Invincible God. Different name. 

Get with the program or get left behind.

Yes, it is incredibly sad how religion has messed up the world. I am not blind to the fact that most suicide bombers are Islamic neither am I going to cover up for the pastors that financially and sexually exploit their congregation.

Don’t you see? We are all sinners. We just sin differently. 

The Old Testament is practically the islamic Quran. Then came Jesus, beckoning on us to only LOVE one another and that was his final commandment he left with us.

If you find that you can’t understand the Bible you read without a pastor (a fellow flawed human) to translate it for you then at least use the life example of Jesus while he was on earth.


Dear Hypocrite;

Who are you to decide who go through the gates of heaven? 

Who made you the moral compass of life?

Can’t you see that we are all one, religion may separate us but God still views us all as HIS.

Who are you to judge another simply because they sin differently from you?

Why do we feel one religion is above the other?

I am of the Christian faith yet I have had Islamic friends and family do much more for me over the years than some Christians. I choose to judge people based on their humanity and not the religion they identify with.

In the Catholic Church, we say; “I believe in one God…” I do.

Simply put; we are a bunch of misled people struggling to attain wisdom and sometimes we try to overcompensate for our shortcomings by being self righteous.

I’ll tell you now, God is no fool.

He doesn’t care about what we do but WHY we do it.

The same way God is referred to with different names by different languages, so also is it with Allah.


If truly God is love and omniscient, then that means he already acknowledged the existence of several religions and the Bible does encourage us to seek wisdom above all else because when you know better, you’d do better.

Please in the name of all that is truly righteous and holy; Let LOVE lead!


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