Awwww just look at that adorable little face…. so cute. Ya think? Pfft 😒


Shame on me that this is even a topic but I can’t help it. This is where my jealousy has gotten me. 😱😥😬

Like we used to say in junior secondary school debates “With these upcoming points of mine, I hope I can convince you and not confuse you to join my cause”.

Leggo… 🚶🏾‍♀️ 

BABIES!!! … Something about those adorable little humans that just makes this grumpy adult which is me super jealous. 🤦🏽‍♀️

This adulthood train is not as I imagined it in primary school and since I can’t turn back the clock, I’m going to do the most illogical thing to make myself feel better which is to find fault in the lavish lives these babies live.

All these angels have to do is simply cry or look cute and everyone runs to their beck and call. Must be nice…👀

They already have flawless skin(s) without making any effort and here I am, spending heavily on skincare products while still looking like a wet dog. Why did I have to grow up?! 😭


Then there’s the food aspect. They get to eat as many times in a day as they like without caring about rolls and love-handles while I can’t even lay on my side without a miraculous pregnancy popping up (the bump I mean)  🤰🏾

As a baby, the chubbier you are; the cuter you appear to be. Wow just wow 😳 & I’m getting body-shamed for not being fit? This ain’t fair… 🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏼‍♂️

They sleep all day and stress people out at night whereas I can’t even get a text back 🤦🏽‍♀️and every time I call my parents, they think I want something whereas babies cry and everyone struggles to figure out what they want. #InsideLife 🙄


Too big to cuddle with my mother even if she’d allow but these little humans get to cuddle and be cuddled by everyone and even at random locations. iJealous 🤭

Children below 7 years of age are considered babies to me, so Nathan (my godson) I’m shaming you too. 😖


My godson said something to me today, he said “Aunty, you’re growing like a baby” (whatever that means) and I whispered amen cos that’s the life. I honestly don’t mind swapping age groups if he’d like to. I’m down baby boy… 😉


For the older kids; they make you watch them spin around or ask you to look at alphabets that you’ve seen a billion times already and you have to pretend to be surprised or interested in it every single time so as not to hurt their feelings. What about my feelings? I want to sleep child! 😐

Cool… 😏


Honestly, been having really weird baby fever later mostly because all I’ve been seeing are really cute babies. Not necessarily because I’m ready to be a mother but just to have someone cute to cater to so I’d just get a dog in the meantime cos a sister isn’t ready to buy diapers. It’s hard out here 🥺


Gotta be careful not to mix with the wrong gene cos these men lately ain’t it…


Disclaimer: This Post is simply for amusement. I am in no way against children especially babies. If anything, I love them a bit too much.

Photos: Google.



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