Angel of Mine.


Sweet Mother;

Everyone calls you kind.

Everyone calls you beautiful.

But I, I call you “Light

The unique light of mine.

Several words come to mind when I think of you but none befitting of the glory that you are.

You are my strength when I am weak.

You are my core reason of existence.

You are the grace in which I seek.

You; my love, is the beauty of my life.

You are my permanent source of peace.


You crown me when others belittle me.

You push me when I’m too weak to go on.

You pull me in close when I need a shelter to hide.

On the terrible nights, you hold me & say that I am one in a million.

Unbeknownst to you that you are she who is one in a million.

You are God’s gift to mankind.

You radiate joy & beauty. So pure & so true.

I pray to be half the woman that you are because even that is bliss.

I know God loves me because he gave me you as my angel here on earth.

Your love never falters and for that I’m grateful… everyday.

I’d love you forever & a day more… now & always my love.


Happy Birthday Queen!!! 💞


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