Letter to Papa. ♥️


Most of me is you.

Most of what I know is from you.

Most of who I am is because of you.

My face is a reflection of yours. My hopes & dreams are all to make you proud.

I am your seed and as I grow, you flourish also. One cannot correspond without the other. 

Intertwined by blood, concealed in love – Family we’d always be. 


I promise it’ll get easier. Remember that with every piece of you. We’re in this together. You won’t ever be alone.


Daddy, you’d always say to me “you’re pretty because you look like me”. I used to wonder how you’d manage to praise yourself while complimenting me but I understand now and not in the vain sense.

I’m also pretty smart which is another blessing we share. The wisdom of a father cannot be taken for granted. It is much appreciated.


As deeply valued as the love of a mother is; we mustn’t forget that the ultimate symbol of love is our heavenly “Father”.

Today we celebrate our earthly father’s who have encouraged us, supported us, strengthened us, protected us and provided for us.

The undeserving love and commitment you give does not go unnoticed. Although society suggests the man be emotionally tougher; still we feel the impact of our patriarchs and for that, we honor you (all).

Happy Father’s Day My Twin ♥️



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