Para Mis Amigos. (To my friends)

Hola Amigos!!! ♥️

International Bestfriend’s day was a few days back. So, it’s only fitting to celebrate mine(s). Yasssssssssssss!!!! 💑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


As paradoxical as I am, my circle is cozy & tight. I am very guarded when it comes to giving out my energy, commitment & friendship. This is because there’s is no middle ground with me; I’m either going hard for you or simply wishing you well from afar because I don’t want my vulnerability to be taken advantage of.


That being said, I have always claimed to have no actual best friends per sé other than my mother because I know she’d do anything for me if need be.

In some ways, I may have unconsciously raised the friendship bar a bit too high because I know what I’d be willing to give to whom I consider a “true friend” hence I expect the same or at least close enough.

Nevertheless, I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have the angels that I do in my life as friends, well Family; as that is how I see them now. 

To all my best friends; this is to say to say thank you for your unwavering love, commitment and support.


I am not one whose dreams are easy to support because they are as complicated as I am complicated. Still, you stick out this thing called life with me. Heck, some of you are the reason I’m still here.

Some days we get so caught up in our lives, we don’t get to see the whole picture and how awesome of a human we are.


You’re double blessed to have friends that don’t feel reluctance to constantly remind you and hype you when needed.


So, thank you. Thank you to the new, the old and those who have kept my soul elated with the friendship you offer. 

To those I’ve shut out unintentionally, I apologize for my distrust. I’ve always told people “I am not a friendly person but I’m the nicest person you’d ever meet, if only I can be sure your intentions are good”.


I’ll do better and open up more to all. 

Special shout out to “the clusters” for always holding the forte down. You’re an amazing bunch sisters.


Bdiam folks; y’all are a wild nonconformist bunch yet I wouldn’t have it any other way as your uniqueness thrives my passion and y’all unintentionally push me to be better.

Lest I forget; last week, the priest blessed me with the gift of discernment. Please bring your gists to me so I can judge & pay your tithe to me! 😁 💰

On the subject of opening up; here’s a video of me fooling around. Have a great weekend. ♥️






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