Better to be safe than sorry?

Happy weekend Family!!! 👨‍👩‍👧


I’m sorry I’ve been away -ish.

A sis had her appendix removed, bladder infection & is mourning ⚰️ the loss of a loved one so it’s been rough but life goes on for the living… they say! 🧘🏾‍♀️

Today I’d be sharing an old draft but still a  valid conversation with you because sadly I’m unable to come up with new material. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Pray for me; if you will.


Let’s get into it…

Two words – Selfishness and Entitlement.

Call it what you must but I do not know what kind of love would make me share a toothbrush with anyone. Family inclusive and why you may ask? – Bacteria.  

I don’t even use the same towel(s) for all parts of my body. OCD aside, there are unseen germs all around us so let’s stay healthy. OK?

Apologies for digressing. Moving forward…

I hear people say “these things shouldn’t be happening to me. I’m a good person“, even I have said this. (A lot…)

But are we truly good?

Everyone does have a tendency to be selfish which logically is only right since we’ve been taught to put ourselves first but where do we draw the line?

The mistake we make is thinking that just because we are “seemingly good“, everything will fall into place and everyone would treat us the same way we supposedly treat them.

It almost never happens this way (occasional kindness and karma aside) because life doesn’t owe anyone anything. Those things will continue to happen if we allow ourselves become the victim.

Every situation is within our grasp. We alone have the wield to reset our circumstances to become favorable to us.

One may willingly surrender his/her emotions to someone else and not receive the same commitment. It happens to the best of us.

There and then, it has now become a personal choice on how to navigate through that ploy.

Remember love in itself is never enough to sustain your pertinence. 

It’s easy to fathom the fear that comes alongside change so we restrain ourselves and continue to hide in our comfort zones.

Depending on the intent; we can be selfish with our time, energy, resources and so on…

I, for one find it very hard to communicate. I hardly call anyone not even the angel of mine (my mother). I seldom reach out when I’m away and mostly when I need something which is a selfish thing to do.

It’s not always intentional but the lack of effort must hurt.

Entitlement comes into play when we feel we deserve special treatment from some folks or just life in general.

Truth is, it is so unintentionally easy to confuse when to apply which of the two but then again; the world owes you absolutely nothing and neither does anyone. You’d do well to remember that.

If you’ve been blessed enough to have someone care enough about you to reach out to you, the least you can do is reciprocate.

That been said, it is absolutely necessary to take out time to heal, grow and refurbish yourself. It is not selfish to withdraw yourself from people and situations that affect you negatively.

Disclaimer: This piece is incomplete, so am I at this time. 


Peace & Love to you and yours ❤️


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