The Cradle Snatcher’s Foe.


Father, do you hear me?

Mother, could you hold me?

Give direction to my prayers

I pray thee…


Cast me not away. I plead

Not today you said…

Draw me back. Into the side of the living for I am dead on the inside.

Since my innocence was taken, I’ve been nothing but a facade

I eat and breathe, yet all I do is exist

I’m losing my voice calling on you.


He took me

He broke me

He said not to speak about

Not to think about

Still; I feel it

Coursing through my veins like poison ivy

oh Mikey…


What did you do to me?

The love you offered was as cold as death

I’ve lived a thousand times in your endless lies

Still, I die the same everytime.

But never in your arms

Such a tragic demise.


The ice box you call a heart causes me to…

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