I found my footing on my own.



Open Letter to the lost, the dreamers and whoever can relate to the complications of growth.

Self Appraisal…

I had read a book about the law of attraction and how you can metamorphose that into the life you envision but I brushed it off. I wrongly assumed it was just another writer with wishful thinking.

Most days I am unequivocal about my goals and on others, I am ambivalent to them.

Now, I have an obstinate determination to pursue my dreams because I am well aware of the power I possess. I’m not talking now about the “Holy Spirit” in me but the power of my incredible mind.

I sometimes undermine my abilities owing to the fact that a barrage of mental questions plague me, but as time went by, the more self realization I have come to have.

I’ve been told I don’t take time to celebrate myself and the little victories I’ve been fortunate enough to have had so I’m learning to be more present in the moment.

Daily, I plan out my day or/and life out mentally just so I don’t lose sight of what matters most.


Most days than not; my reality is a product of my imagination despite the fact that I am always teeming with ideas. Mental overstimulation can be bothersome.

It has caused me to realize that I am my only limitation. If I can envision it, the universe will find ways to make it happen. I just have to dream it into existence.

The picture may not be whole yet but at least we’ve got the foundation down and that is what’s most important.

The vision that forces you not to settle won’t always seem realistic. Infact, it would challenge you and push you & make you want to throw in the towel.


My father always says to me “just keep going at it and dream big, have a plan & someday when it starts to pay off, it’d exceed your expectations.”

But when is someday?


Everyday is someday.

Everyday you thrive on, the universe rewards you one way or the other. Either through skill, experience or discipline.


There is no adequate measure of success or a set time to chase your dreams. However complicated it may seem; your dreams are valid.


I know it in my gut that I am special & ever since I decided to  walk in that light, the right doors have been opening. You should also.



Familiarity brings contentment they say…

Still, for some unknown reason I do not allow myself become familiar with the level I’m in. To me it just brings complacency and I don’t want that.


Nobody has it easy… honest to God.


The most inspiring stories have been birthed from the pasts of people that have experienced struggle but fought their way through. Be it financially or whichever form of hinderance they encountered while chasing “the dream”.


It is draining to go from point A to point B with no one cheering you on.

Genuine support from family or friends is of utmost importance because the challenges will come. Which is why you need solid people on your team that are willing to LISTEN


It can be frustrating when you’re unable to voice your worries due to fear of seeming too sensitive and at the risk of sounding like a broken record.


Other than your support system; be mindful of the people you surround yourself with.

Sometimes, we outgrow certain people & situations but do not speak out & so we remain there.


We ought to keep growing in all ramifications and hopefully so should your team but if the latter is not the case then reduce your baggage if need be.

I want my life so big. I’m doing everything I can!!!

This is an intentional release of information. Not just to encourage you but also for the universe to pick up and make it a reality for me.

From this time onward I shall continue to have it the way I want. So help me God!


Been swaying on the ropes way too long knowing fully well that I can do better but also I am reminded that I am doing the best I can with what I can while I can and that is okay. Growing never stops.



My world is brighter by itself. 💗

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