The Church Without Walls!!!

Hi my loves!!!

Happy Saturday/Weekend. 💙

Today; I’d be throwing some wisdom on the misinterpretation of the church of Christ. ⛪️

Earlier on this week, I saw the post below. 👇🏾


A writer/friend of mine has an ongoing series on the expectancy people have of the church and I just wanted to chip in.

However sensitive this topic may be, we must address it for the sake of those who don’t know no better.


I had mentioned that I was depressed some years back. I remember all too well, how I’d go into the church – whichever I could find and just sit there weeping, crying and praying until words failed me.


I’d go home still feeling as much as hurt as I did when I walked into the church and the void wasn’t filling.

Sometimes; I’d get chased away because it wasn’t a “service day”. Other times, I’d go see pastors and they’d claim it’s a bunch of spiritual issues just to make it more dramatic and ask to sow heavy seeds.


Nevertheless, being in that setting seemed to ease my soul so I kept at it knowing all too well that it just complicated my issues and messed with my mind.

Later on, i realized that I didn’t need to move from my room to get the satisfaction my soul craved. I just needed to understand.

I use the word understand because when we go to the churches; and they ask you to give your life to Christ, they make you say the words then go on to tell you “you’re in Christ” without actually explaining what that means.

Probably they don’t even know.

Every human being comprehends differently but the one thing that has always been precise is that we are solely dependent on the love of Christ and the grace that he offers.

They say… “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”… yet another heavily misunderstood statement.

Dust to dust…


When we sin, it is our flesh that sins. On the other hand, the spirit is that which craves a deeper understanding, a love so profound our minds can’t fully grasp.

My love; do not feel you’re being targeted when you go through temptations over & over again. We would never be given a burden too great for us to shoulder.

If Christ had lived longer, I’m sure he’d have been tempted much more times than was recorded because the devil is a relentless goat. That is his one and only job on earth, “to tempt” but first, he requires God’s permission (See the book of Job)

We go to churches because it ought to feel like home. A community of believers willing to help one another rise because we love each other as a family. A safe space for us to be in Christ yet many churches are not true to this logic.

Many just want your money if we’re being honest.

Sometimes, we may run to the church for relief and won’t get it then some fallback to false gods and prophets.

We give so much that we sometimes forget how to receive.


We sow seeds, we pay tithes, we go for outreaches and so much more with our unclean hearts and distracted minds when all we needed to do was SURRENDER.

We search for comfort & love from people who also lack it and end up in a bigger mess.


When they say, the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains; it simply means that your heart, soul & body has to be in unison then you proceed with your faith.

Anyone can access Christ. You don’t need a prophet anymore since Christ died to be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

I am currently at a place of sincere peace and trust in Christ that no one can tell me otherwise because I know he looks out for me, always.

He is in me and if he can’t be hurt, neither can I. Even when temptations come, I’d endure the long suffering because I know what’s ahead is far greater.

I have explained all these so you know that when life gets you down, Christ will always lift you up.

We are often torn between our hearts and minds; the will to do good or evil when all we actually have to do is to pray & wait on his timing.


Truth is, we have little or no control over our destinies but we can choose how the condition of our lives are.

Salvation is personal and also free.

There is no judgement in Christ so my darling, I say to you today; it is not forbidden for you to be depressed, ill or even broke sometimes just because you’re a Christian, it is a phase like any other and this too shall pass.

Christ heals & saves but also, he wants us to grow & learn while enduring for a short while. That is the complicated truth. 

It disgusts me when people say “you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t be depressed” but you’re also human and if one amongst us is weaker, it is our responsibility to uplift that person not condemn.

Life is complicated and emotions are tough to handle, we are all not equipped to run the same race so let us be compassionate until “thy kingdom comes”.


It is sad to see that we now live in such a superficial world where people say about the dead (suicidal victims) “they should have spoken out when you were going through it” whereas they may have been dropping hints here and there about being in the sunken place but were ignored until they kicked the bucket.

But then again, why didn’t you reach out to them? Hypocrite(s)!

It is evident that so many attend church services but misunderstand what Jesus envisioned for the Christian church.

Mostly because many have trouble translating the Bible and accepting the unfathomable love that Christ offers.


Let’s clear up a few things.

Life will tempt you. That is expected, even Jesus was tempted and overcame through grace.

There are some who are of the belief that when these trials do come, it is because someone somewhere is trying to hurt them.

That is quite possible but if truly you are in Christ then you should know that no one has the authority over your life but he – Christ.

We are often bothered by the wrong things. Looking for foes where there is none then end up falling into pits we’ve unconsciously dug for ourselves.


I pray we all accept and understand the true love of Christ.

My peace I leave with you… 🙏🏽♥️

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