Therapeutic Saturday.

SaturYaY!!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

This week, shall we do something a little bit unorthodox? 


So much steam needs to be let out. Too many of us are beyond stressed. I’ll take the lead and hopefully you’d follow. 😬

I asked for Questions from you so we can have some sort of conversation and heal alongside.

*I’ve always disliked talking, not because I have nothing reasonable to say but simply because I hate to hear the sound of my voice. It’s an insecurity that I have. I’d admit that much.

This year though, I’m going to be taking the bull by the horns and talking more, be it through voice notes or videos. Overcoming my fears & shortcomings is all the therapy I need. #BearWithMe

For the sake of those who have poor network connections, I will type out the answers to your questions.

Lets get into it folks! 👇🏾

Question: Why do you love me?

Answer: Because you deserve to be loved. ❣️

Question: What is your ultimate goal in life?


Answer: That’s a tough one. 🤔

In life- I’d like to leave this world when my time has come knowing that I made a difference.
A few years ago, I’d have said to be successful but I’ve learned over time that success is what you make it to be. It’s not about how much material things you have but more of how many lives have you aided with the “success” you claim to have.
The worth of our lives are measured in relationships not properties. 
Now, my ultimate goal in life would be to be at peace with my entire being – mind, body and soul. 
Also, hopefully I’ll be able to influence the minds of those who will eventually introduce a better world such as the ones I envision.
I can only hope we have enough time to fix humanity.
I’m not shortchanging myself or doubting that I can make a change but one man cannot do it alone, hence, I’d prefer to be an influencer or a motivator to a better mankind.

Question: Apart from a food related date. What other kind of outing with a guy pricks your interest?

Answer: I am really not an outing person. I’d rather stay home and read a book or sew; something productive. Nevertheless, if I were to choose an outing; It’d most likely be to the cinema – boring I know 🙄. Mainly because I am terrible at watching movies. I somehow end up dozing no matter how good the movie is but in public I’d have to control that sleep.

An art gallery wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

Question: Do you see yourself working in a company setting working in your field – Industrial Chemistry? Or u prefer the She-boss lifestyle?

Answer: By now, it’s common knowledge that I studied industrial chemistry in the university but I did not exactly love the educational process of it.

Still, it is a beautiful course.
Anything that has to do with invention excites me so maybe…
I am open to anything and everything. I like to keep my options flexible and create enough choices so I won’t struggle in life.
The answer to the question is right now; I am simply focused on growing but leaning more into the she-boss life. 
Having said that; industrial chemistry will always be a solid option for me should life direct me down that path again. 

Question: Why does Societies opinion influence so many peoples decision and actions? Thus leading them to accepting the “ideal lifestyle“.

Answer: I really appreciate this question because it aligns perfectly with the timing.

Just the other day, I was talking to my childhood best friend and innocently she said “you know, we are getting old. We need to start settling down, finding husbands and preparing”.
I replied “In all my years on earth what I’ve learned is you can never go against God’s  will for you & he has made provisions for everything we will ever need – husband inclusive so try not to worry too much and focus on building yourself so you can always take care of your family & yourself on your own. The best relationship you can have in life is the one you have with yourself after the one with God”.
A lot of people are too afraid to think for themselves simply because the crowd tends to lean more into the opposite ideals but who’s to say that is what’s best for YOU?

Sidenote: There are so many people that just exist but do not live. There are no specifics, there is no handbook on how to go about life – bible exclusive.

No flawed human has the capacity to set rules on how to live your life because even they don’t have control over theirs.
Everyone is just following a bunch of ignorant rules laid out by a different group of unwise folk. Take what you can when being advised but do what is best suited for you.
I do not subscribe to the pattern of going to school then getting married, have babies then die which is also why 9-5 jobs bore me.
Needless to say; not everyone wants to create and that is okay. Each to his own. Live and let live ✌🏾

Question: If you had an opportunity to reset one wrong thing in the world, what would that be?

Answer: Peoples mindset. 

You’d be amazed by how many silly people there are in this world. Most are unaware of how foolish the things they spew out of their mouths are.
Sadly, not everyone has been given the freedom of choice or the support to think freely.
For the “woke” ones, this can prove to be a hassle. Having to explain to people that their train of thought 💭 is completely berserk is a constant battle.
I pray the next generation raises better humans and ideal thinkers.

Question: How do you come about your write-ups? Source of stories?

Answer: Lol. I don’t! 🤦🏽‍♀️

That is the honest answer. 
I’ve been writing plays since primary school so I could reread them as storybooks and then I moved on to other things yet stumbled back into writing. Till this day, I do not see myself as a writer.
I only put down the things I FEEL, the things I SEE, and voice my opinions on  the things I hope to change which is why the topics on Yours& are so diverse. Depending on what I’m experiencing or a conversation I’m intrigued by; that is how my writing process goes.

I have only recently started to write more fiction and even that is a struggle but we learn everyday. I suppose.

For those, I just allow my imagination run wild and add a few personal experiences and slight dramatic touches and we have a piece. All thanks to God though. I do not know how, when or why I do it. I just do. I write because I can… I guess. 

This brings us to the end of this Q&A!!! 👏🏾 


I know life is challenging and it is difficult to get by sometimes. There are too many depressed people going about their lives meaninglessly and that saddens me greatly. I can only help as much as I have the ability to, hence; this post.

Also, it’s dawned on me that the most common cause of these issues is money! Yes the paper! 
So many are of the mistaken assumption that Money brings happiness- no! Content does. 
I know of families that struggle financially but the happiness that flows within their home is unending because they value the important things – people.

We need to learn to measure our wealth by our impacts in the lives of others and value ourselves by standing up for what we believe in and being unashamed of who we are. 

Money will come… this I promise you.

The fact that you’re still here means you’re going to be okay. All in God’s time.

So long as the clouds ⛅️ envelope the earth, everything you need is – covered by grace through faith. 


Be happy loved one and release what needs to be let go of… 

Life’s too short to wait on tomorrow. 


I love you.

Signed – Becky with the bad hair 🌚



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