Love Me back to life.


People fear what they do not understand… 


A few years ago, when homosexuality started to become a more open conversation, I asked a group of friends what they’d do if their child were to be homosexual.

No one could give me a straight answer. Mostly because no one dared to comprehend the thought of it happening.


In these parts, it is still regarded as a great evil mainly because of how we tend to identify religion as the validation of morality. 

We may sin differently but we are all sinners nonetheless. There is no such thing as a big sin or a small sin.

There is no certain criteria for being accepted through the heavenly gates. We can only hope and assume what we ought to do neglecting the fact that the Bible states and advises us the right path to thread.


Jesus said in the New Testament “Love one another as yourselves” … 

I am drowning in my sins so logically it would seem I am leaning more towards hell. As we all are.

We are all wrapped up in lies and foolish truths dictated by men just as confused as we are.

But Christ Knows. He sees us all for who we are. God makes no mistakes! 

No one can say what we get to be… 

The English dictionary defines an homosexual as a person who is sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex. 


This post is in no way encouraging people to become homosexuals but hopefully to raise awareness that as humans, we are in no position to judge or decide the fate of others. We cannot take away anyone’s freedom of choice or inflict our opinions on the laws of attraction on others.

I am no better than the next man. We all battle inner demons and life tests us all. Some fail, others thrive; still – we learn and grow so long as we live.

God knows we’re worth it! 

Forbidden as it was, I wondered what I’d do if it were to be me, seeing as a mother’s love is meant to be unconditional and I brushed off the thought.

Recently, I have been triggered to ponder on this extremely sensitive topic by the video below. 👇🏾

I’ve picked the brains of several intellectuals before attempting to write this piece due to how dicey  the topic is.

In summary they’ve all taught me simply to “live and let live”

My father said the most beautiful thing to me when I asked for his opinion on the subject at hand.

He said “I don’t think anyone would intentionally put themselves through the hardships they face when they come out for no reason. If anyone of you (his children) were to be homosexual , I’d love you still. Just as you are, because you are my children. It doesn’t take anything away from my love for you and neither will it change how I see you” 

I finally understand!!!

i am forever grateful to my family for my upbringing and the freedom to think and decide beyond the norms of society.

I am so tired of seeing people commit suicide just to escape this judgemental world we have sadly created.

I need you to stay… 


It will be over ambitious of me to try to change the world but I’m hoping I can positively influence the minds of those who eventually will.

Life is a gift and I don’t take it for or any one’s for granted.

All we can do is choose each day to rise above hate, rise above fear and choose to love one another every time we are given the chance because whether we choose to acknowledge it or not; the world is greatly depreciating… let us use what time we have left to do and say the right things.

All for one. One for all. 🌈 ♥️


5 thoughts on “Love Me back to life.

  1. i still dont believe those choices should be accepted, whatever that is not approved in the bible is satanic..anybody found in such situations should pray to God to remove them from such bondage, however,its only those who are weak in the spirit that are manipulated by the devil, and how do you overcome such, firstly, you have to accept that it is wrong,and not wanting to be accepted by the world, secondly,develop a personal relationship with God,what you don’t want, you dont watch it happen..,thirdly, keep praying and one day you will be set free. i still believe no one is perfect but in this case its satanic

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    1. Noted. I am in no way encouraging people to practice homosexuality. All I’m saying is as a people we should love others as Christ loved us and not judge or hurt them because of that. If a child does wrong, we correct them with love. Let’s choose to live as compassionate beings


    2. It really does not matter what you think. But since the point of this post was to enlighten the current thought process I will try to add to that. The Bible says a lot of things about so many things people do today; fornication, adultery, divorce. Your narrow mindedness is examplified by the statement “it is only those who are weak in spirit that are manipulated by the devil.” Since when? I recall the devil even tried to tempt Jesus. Point is, a lot of normal, God fearing people, good people are gay. And while it’s clear you do not understand this, it is a fact. So rather than state trash out your mouth, how about you educate yourself. Or if you’d rather remain ignorant, be ignorant in silence. Unless you are satan’s side kick I don’t see how you have authority to determine what is satanic and not.


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