Woman Crush Wednesday!!! ๐Ÿ‘ธ

Who runs the world? -Girls!!!

This off and on harmattan has been steadily messing with my emotions but peeps that don’t toy with my love are the soon to be highlighted females below… (family aside)

First off, I must applaud some unappreciated queens – and kings also. I’m talking about all the people who labor day and night in warehouses and factories; mass producing the clothes we all wear.ย 


Not all heroes wear capes…

Designers can only do so much. Have you ever stopped to ponder on the people who actually create the vision & in multiple numbers?


These are the people we appreciate mostly today. True kings & Queens!!!

Now, Let’s get into it; shall we?

Because I’m greedy, I have three WCW’s today. Sue me! ๐Ÿ˜

Starting off with my all time favorite; the queen herself – Mrs Priyanka Chopra Jonas!!!


PeeCee is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet but don’t allow this pretty face fool you.

Her life’s accomplishments are as astounding as her looks.ย 

To highlight a few; Not only did she win both Miss India but ultimately Miss world 2000.


PeeCee went on to become a global phenomenon by becoming a top rated actress in both India and the U.S…

She makes music, writes, produces movies and most importantly; UN global ambassador for women and children.

A true philanthropist and revolutionalist!!! #Queening

It is one thing for doors to open up forย  you because of your pretty face yet a completely different thing to influence the minds behind that door and she does that effortlessly.


Whenever she speaks; everytime, there is an excessive amount of wisdom shed out.

She exudes so much confidence and class… I for one am a better person because of her constant positivity and enlightenment.

So, thank you PeeCee for being you and constantly pushing the boundaries.ย 


Next queen is our very own Naija seed; Temi Otedola!!!

Otedola with the money!!!


Her father’s success aside, Temi has built her brand to the success it is today. @JTOFashion

She’s not only a 2’1 university graduate but also a writer, content creator, certified YouTube star, blogger, fashion critic and a host of other creative outlets.


She always has so much grace (fashionably cool) around her and a nonchalance to the negativity the public assumes about her life.

We Stan an unproblematic queen!!!ย 


Lastly, we have all the way from the Philippines; Kathryn Bernardo!!!


Fans of “Mara and Clara” will remember her. It is amazing to see how much she has grown into the lady she is today whilst maintaining a certain sense of innocence and humility.


Kathryn is an actress – (a movie star in all ramifications), a businesswoman, a musician and an endorser of several brands amongst many others.

She wishes to eventually become a make up artist so fingers crossed.


Sending love and light to these fabulous females. Excited for what’s to come in their lives!!!ย 

There you have it ladies & gentlemen… Three of my idols. That is all for today.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way ignoring the men that has influenced my life.ย 

Photos: Instagram & google photos

Adios amigos… ๐Ÿ‘ฐ



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