How old is your soul? πŸ’†

Someone come and whisk me away… πŸ’•


Take me back to the 60’s. Please 😒

I’ve always prided myself on how archaic my soul is…

Honestly wish I was born in the age of corset wearing and exaggerated outfits.

Mentally stuck in the 60’s!!! 😁


You like my fit?

Gee thanks… Just made it. #IWantIt #IGotItΒ πŸ‘Έ

Thankful for freedom of style and the ability to recreate some of my imagined pieces…

Style: Palazzo pants, cropped top & detachable hand (bicep bands)


Outfit: @yours_and_oursdesigns

Make up: Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma

Details: Nothing too fancy here. The main focus ought to be the pants but the top seems to be giving it a run for it’s money.

Fabric: Dashiki (Ankara)


Crowned with a head piece created from the remnant fabric.Β 

Fashion tip: I opted for a more eccentric sleeve – because this is naija and home training 😒 hence the illusion of a sleeve.

The sleeve was attached to an elastic band for ease of removal and wearing. The flare was cut out (same measurement) but due to the overlapping, it would seem as though one is shorter than the other.


Hemming wasn’t intentionally done on the sleeve so as to maintain the fullness and artsy feel. *Remember to cut as smoothly as possibly

The pants and top doesn’t have to always be worn together. You can wear them with other fashion pieces and still look as peng.


Styled by : Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma.

Till next time… Stay fabulous!!! πŸ’





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