Come take a walk on the wild side!!! πŸ‘—

Fashionistas in the house, do like this – πŸ™‹

Welcome!!! πŸ’


Our very first post on this menu. πŸ‘

I am bias to this menu for obvious reasons πŸ’œ

Starting off with some purple delight for ya! πŸ’ƒ


Details as follows; πŸ‘‡

Style: Gathers

Dress by: Yours&OursDesigns

@yours_and_oursdesigns on Instagram πŸ“±πŸ“²

Fabric: Ankara

Six (6) yards was used which was barely enough. As you can see, underneath there is an attachment of extra fabric to give it the desired fullness required and it was topped off with purple linen so as to add to the fullness of the dress.

The applique was added to give the wow effect.

Here’s a tip to appliques; on completion of your desired outfit, regardless of whether it’s an already made or sewn, appliques edifies it (bougie effect). πŸ‘Έ


There are iron-on’s and sew-on’s.

Depends on whichever catches your fancy or is easier for you to work with.Β 

This in particular is an iron-on applique.

Application: Place it on the desired section of the outfit and gently place a fabric over it and iron till it glues to the outfit or iron from the back with the aid of pins to keep it in place.Β 


The neck line is risquΓ© but I got away with it because I’m not heavily chested. You might not need to cut yours this deep. Depending on your preference.

Suggestion: Adding a strap aids the arrangement of your chest area.

Such a deep neck line can lead to “nip-slips”Β if not properly held in place by the strap/hand.

Also, lessΒ  jewellery… Allow the dress to be the focus.

The tinier the strap, the better so as not to take away anything from the design.Β 


Till next time Mon Ami… πŸ’œ

Make up: Osaiyuwu Omosede ThelmaΒ 

Styled by: Osaiyuwu Omosede Thelma


*Do remember to send in your fashion pieces and comment if you have any questions or recommendations.Β 

Peace and Love πŸ’œπŸ’œ




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