Kóyo òténmwén… (Hello my relation/family)👪

Ób’ówa!!! (greetings to you at home)


As promised, we are back with the second part of the Ovbi Edo series…  

Happy to have seen your beautiful comments on the first part. 👼💃

Ù rú èsé... (thank you) 😘

Omosede 1 reporting for duty this lovely Saturday. 🙌


The intent of this series is not to bore you with knowledge you can find in history textbooks but to share real life scenarios and the Edo culture with you as beautifully as possible. 


There is always confusion in my home, this is because my aunty (big sis) bears OSAMEDE and I am OMOSEDE.

So logically, we are both called “Ede” for short.



When my mum calls out for “Ede“, instinctively; we both respond with – “which one?”

To exaggerate the situation, there is also another cousin who is also named “OSAMEDE” and you can imagine how chaotic it gets when she’s around.

So, to minimize the confusion; we are now referred to as “big ede“, “small ede” or sometimes “OSAMEDE Lagos” or “OSAMEDE Benin” since two people bear OSAMEDE.

I wonder what would happen if she decides to move to Lagos… *I laugh in pettiness & geographical location* 😈

Can’t say I blame them.

Below is an unfiltered “upcoming benin rap artist”… Lol I spot slight talent. 👇😂

📹: Let’s call him “MC Shanjanreen


I have decided to name my future daughter “Omosede” as well so as to carry on with this confusion (the drama is in the genes).

They are beautiful names… (I will tell you the meanings in the next post but if you know it already, let me know in the comment section).


I asked my mother what makes her proud of her identity as a bini woman and she said “she loves the tradition & the culture


I will admit that I look forward more to my traditional wedding day than the actual marriage.

Mainly, so that I can wear the beautiful attire.


Bini/Edo traditional weddings are such a unique blend of culture, family and beauty. #PureJoy 💕


As a Bini woman (in training), what I am most proud of is how strong we are!!! 💪💪💪

The average Bini woman is a force to be reckoned with. They exhume so much grace!!! 🙋

She is usually tough on the exterior yet has the meekest heart.

I remember how hardworking all my grandmother’s were (bless their souls) yet how compassionate they were. 💙

Fact: I have no living grandparent… 😖

Moving on…

I have been incredibly blessed to have so many strong Edo/bini people influencing me; most especially the women.

Here’s a little background story.👇

You see, my mother & idol is the first daughter of her family. Hence, the name “Omokhuo” (female child)

Back then, females weren’t trained passed the primary school level, although my mother managed to squeeze in a secondary school education. First girl privileges, I assume.

She fought for her right to be educated and eventually saw herself through the tertiary institution by doing several legitimate jobs.


I have chosen to specify because a lot of people are of the illusion that most, if not all (according to consensus) bini girls are prostitutes or witches.

I beg to differ.🙅

I won’t be bias and claim not to know how the fallacy came about but as I always say; “A tree bears many fruits; mostly good, some bad”. #NuffSaid


📷: Oba Ewuare N’Ogidigan of Benin Kingdom (the present King)

Till this day, I draw strength from my clan. Be it from my ancestors, elders, peers and previous kings (Oba’s) who fought for the benin kingdom to save our culture & artifacts.

An outstanding fact of the Edo/Bini people is their love for family and how passionate they are about the things and people they choose to love.

Here, we believe that every mother is your mother so also every child is your child.

We may be struggling with our identity and may have digressed from our roots but remember, home is not a place but a feeling. 


📷: Oba Erediauwa Uku-Akpolokpolor and Queen Esther of Benin Kingdom 

Forever an Ovbi Edo, regardless of where in the world my body may be… 

Wrapping up next Saturday. Again, please join us.





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