Everything we ever knew was a lie. 😢

Here’s a piece I wrote for a sister blog. Hope you like it.


“In this story, I am going to tell you two lies and two truths.
You get to decide which is what. 
Now how do I begin? 
Right – my death!

Here goes nothing…


Day-to-day, whenever he can – he would. He’d take me however he wanted.

Some days I enjoyed it, others – not quite. Yet it was something I craved to survive.

The agony, the chase, the voracity thrilled me to sanity but not to forget, I am still the victim here.

Should I get help? From who? They wouldn’t believe me anyway… There’s still that.

I am both the victim and the aggressor;  Paradoxical, I know.

img_20190117_160414_293Like I said, it is an insatiable need. I live off this feeling.

I love it but not him.

I scream when he thrusts me… yet I never want him to go slow and he never does.

This is rape, right?


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