Running from the demons in your mind?
Apologies for not posting this sooner but my Bestie; Priyanka Chopra – Jonas got married so I had to be there spiritually since I lost my physical wedding invitation card. #IKid #IWish 😢
Today’s business is something that needs to be discussed with caution but luckily it’s almost Sunday.💃
I’m hoping i’m able to pinch your conscience(s) so as to remind you of the consequences of these actions.
There was a video of a lady whose bank account was cleared out by fraudsters.
So, she went and blocked people from entering and leaving the bank.
People bashed her for doing that but I can understand how she felt. 
There’s nothing more painful than waking up to nothing.
Most times we brush off this “yahoo yahoo” topic because the country is tough.
And yes, there are criminal activities in every country in the world but it is an epidermic here.
The rate of death and missing persons lately is alarming. The country is so scary to live in now. Female underwear are on high demand, at some point men’s joysticks were going on spiritual trips without the rest of their bodies.
It’s been upgraded to G+ (yahoo plus) where rituals are involved. Not to sound fetish or superstitious but this is ludicrous. 
Some blame the government; hell, some even say these victims especially the “whites” stole from their ancestors; but if everyone stole back what was “supposedly” taken from their ancestors then I doubt any of us would be alive to claim it.
In a nation where everything seems to be working against it’s people, it is saddening to see the people also disappointing the future generation.
I’m trying to be as nonjudgmental as possible so I’d give a practical example.
Now, imagine that fraud, yahoo and even ritualism was legal and everyone was doing it. Who then will develop the nation? Who then will be an effective leader? Who would be the doctor? The lawyer and so on…
We all want the easy way out.
The problem isn’t even in these “jobs“; it’s the attitude that it provokes which infuriates me.
People have become lazy. Everyone’s looking for a shortcut. Students want to pass but wouldn’t read. Someone wants to be CEO with no skill or idea whatsoever.
What then can our children look forward to?
A dying nation and not just because we lack basic amenities or because the government continues to fail us but due to our mentality.
I’ve heard some say there are no jobs, the country is difficult. Yes it is and that’s why we sometimes close our eyes to those who do it initially to gather capital but then insatiable greed sets in and it goes on and on.
The sad part is that all the money is hardly used for anything effective; not in their personal lives or for the general public especially those who are involved in fetish schemes.
There is no peace for the wicked. These are real people with real pain! 
There are some who are educated or have a degree yet still dabble into this due to impatience. 
I understand the pressure of society and the need for comfort but at what cost?
If you continue to do the same thing, you will learn nothing new. 
You may have material things yet still be completely dense.
I’ve been told it’s addictive. So also is gambling. But nothing pulls you down quicker than easy money.
Just because you don’t carry a weapon doesn’t make you any less of a thief. 
May God provide for us all according to his riches in glory.
It’s my second favorite month of the year – December baby!!!
It’s almost Jesus’s birthday. I’m putting my conscience to sleep and gaining some unhealthy weight.
Hopefully it all doesn’t go and settle in my stomach and i start to look like a female sugar daddy (potbelly gang) 😩

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