Spare my Sanity.

People always say this Lagos is a city filled with mad people.


I’ve always ignored this until I became mad myself.

In a bid to transform the mega city, there has been excessive road and bridge constructions, literally everywhere which has cause traffic to quadruple.

I can’t even recognize myself these days. I’m so unusually aggressively and super tense because if you blink; o boy your phone don move o (if you let your guard down, your phone may be stolen).

This is not just because of the unending traffic or the heat from the scorching sun, neither is it because of the variety of odours one has to put up with.


I used to love taking bus rides (danfo) in Lagos because it allowed me to witness hilarious and sometimes strange experiences but now i have become like the regular passenger; frustrated and worn out in bus rides.

My main cause of frustration is the entitled passenger(s) that would have been better off riding a bicycle to work.

You know those people that just feel they must glue theirselves to you despite we are all probably almost suffocating to death in the bus- yes it is those ones I’m referring to right now.

The other day, on my way home, stuck in traffic; as usual. The bus was so stuffy. Luckily someone got off so there was space to adjust which I did and this oga decided to adjust with me.

I mean, kini rubbish (what rubbish)? Are we conjoined twins? Why must we be skin to skin ehn Mr Sir?

I shifted again, he did the same thing. 😵😱

Brethren I lost my cool. I didn’t know when I started to nag and constantly push him away but he’d just look at me and glue me again.

Quick gist: One time I was in a hurry somewhere, it was a public holiday so there were few buses. I had to get on the BRT and stand. One man came and stood behind me and was literally groping me in broad day light. Initially I thought it was a mistake, I told him to adjust and he even apologized but continued until I was forced to stand elsewhere. Is this Lagos now the headquarters for madness? 

Is this a spiritual problem or what sef?

Somebody cannot suffer in peace again in this Lagos or what?

As promising as Lagos is for hustlers; battling the psychos and toughness of this place is no joke.

You leave your home at 4 a.m and somehow still manage to arrive at your destination late then before you see your door again; it’s almost or already dark.

Somedays it’s like travelling from state to state daily.

Don’t ask me to take a cab daily; I’ve got big girl bills 😩.


I used to enjoy this about the city but I think old age is starting to tell on me. I need enjoyment. A car for starters will do (Hello FAM, this is a not-so-subtle plea).

Baby girl’s got a birthday coming up – shock me.

On the real though; if you can survive in Lagos then you can survive anywhere in the world. 

Hats off to all the dream chasers and hustlers in the game. You’re the real deal. May your efforts come to fruition soonest.

Happy weekend FAM.

Sending peace, sanity and love.

Èkó ò ní bàjé o! 😰😥


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