La Salud Mental.

Hola Amigos!!!

Does anyone know where I can uproot a tree from?

It’s not stealing. I’ll plant it back after the holidays… I promise. 😉


2018 is almost over and I’d like to do a round up of some of the things I’m grateful for.

Most importantly, I’m grateful for grace to do all of the things I love and I’m passionate about.

Grateful for my life, sanity, family and my love circle.

I’m grateful for YOU. You make this all worth it. Post after post. My heart thanks you!!!

Now let’s dive in.

I need to throw light on mental health awareness because I feel it’s an issue that gets swept under the carpet way too much yet it is something we ought to discuss more so we can heal graciously.

Yesterday, while we drove past, I saw a young lady showering naked in a gutter.


People mocked and some were even recording it.

Clearly, she was insane but my stigma was why would supposedly sane people gather to mock someone that way?


Where is the sense in that? If you’re not gonna help get her to a psychiatric hospital so she can get the help she needs then you have no business being there in the first place.

The video may go viral but what have we truly gained from that? Sometimes someone may reach out to help but how sure are you that she’d still be there by then?


Growing up; I was told there are two voices in your head; one is the devil – or evil voice nudging you towards doing bad things and the other is the voice of God – or an angel encouraging you to do right. 

That may be true but you then realize – for some that there may be more than two voices in your head.


Most often than not, these are just voices from our subconscious and for some; it may be unbearable to handle.

There is a constant battle between the mind and the heart.


Sometimes, the heart wants to do good but the mind restrains it for possibly valid reasons such as to protect the soul because not everyone has the same heart as you do. 

That is one reason which can be really tasking on one’s mental health.

It is not mood swings and sometimes it is not just one thing.

It may be a series of events, issues and whatnot that progresses to decline in mental health. 

Also, stress can cause one’s mental health to decline drastically. So take care of your body (exercise and eat right).

There was a time in my life that I was sure I had lost my sanity. I’d cross the road without looking and just go about aimlessly unconsciously awaiting death, so i for one know how dark it can get mentally.


This country sure doesn’t help matters.

The average African mentality is that if you’re depressed, it’s because you don’t have money and if you have money and are still depressed, it’s because you are ungrateful – which is wrong. 


Mental illness is the same as any other illness, its never a choice to get it but the healing is up to you so if you can’t understand it then don’t antagonize the patient. 


I pray on this good Sunday that we all overcome the troubles in our hearts and minds and learn to be kind to one another through it all.


Life isn’t a bed of roses but together, we can truly overcome any and everything.✊✊✊

Sending peace and love to you and yours.❤


By grace through faith… 🙏



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