New Money?

Hey FAM… Its story time!!!


I’d like to point out that this piece is in no way to belittle anyone due to their financial circumstances but to prove a valid point (as always).

There’s this certain someone who’s recently been associated with better financial situations. 

New Money refers to wealth that has been recently acquired, typically that which a person has earned rather than inherited.

Although this certain someone hasn’t quite acquired personal wealth but is closely associated with wealth.

Moving on.


Let’s get to the story… 

So, this person recently solidified a relationship with someone from a well-to-do family; someone that is financially stable and ever since then, there’s been a complete change in attitude.

Went from 0-100 real quick 😁

Now this person feels too big to do the basic things (even the things the so called “rich people” do), feels it’s below standards.

Where is the sense? 

Addressing people as they should has become tasking, pride and entitlement has set in but hey; remember just a while back, that was you- that is you. Because you may have more money in your account but you still remain the same shallow minded individual #UseSense


Indeed, God does test us with certain privileges before blessing us as he should.

Have you passed yours?

Some are failing before reaching their full potential because with the little they have or have been opportune to be around, they mess it up with repugnant attitudes.

I understand the need to fit in and the changes that come with leveling up but your attitude isn’t supposed to change, just your status.

You truly can’t buy class…


It is important that we learn to respect ourselves and appreciate our conditions.


Having money doesn’t make anyone better than the next man especially money that you haven’t worked for.


It’s a privilege not an entitlement.

Wealth isn’t in the physical things one owns but it’s an attitude. The way you carry yourself; knowing you can afford whatever you want but yet spending within your means.

My father would always say that people who steal 5 million and think they’ve made it in life haven’t seen real money.


All is vanity…


Aliko Dangote is so celebrated not just because he’s wealthy but also and most importantly for his humility.

You are not rich if you cannot impact anyone’s life positively. 

No one has any right to look down on anyone else because he who may not have today, will have tomorrow.

Its just a matter of time and determination.

Only he who sees the end from the beginning has that power.

Another one bites the dust! 


Live and let live yall!!!

Food for thought: A life lived for others is a life well lived.

*drops mic* 🎤



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