Paper Loving. 💸

Men deserve women who have money too…


Now, I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke ni**as -Kanye West (2005)


You were made for a “Money Man“?!

According to most dictionaries, the definition of a gold-digger is someone, usually a woman, who tries to attract a rich person, usually a man, in order to get presents or money.

Interesting 💲💲💲

This definition should be edited because the reverse takes place aswell.


She worries about the millions… 

It is primarily a man’s duty to “provide” while the female is expected to be the “helpmate“. Nonetheless, this case is different.


For today’s piece, I’ll be bias by focusing on the females simply because we need to do better sisters.


I know you want stability but that doesn’t mean that you should sell your soul for vanity…

I’ve had several people tell me your partner should take care of you financially.

But why? Am I decrepit?

Personally, I favor a man that enhances me and not makes me.


A lot of people go into relationships solely to become financially stable.

I think it is unfair to completely rely on someone else’s hustle if you’re perfectly capable of standing on your own.

It is laziness. To be honest. 

But if all roads pan out, you can always 👇 (I kid… A bit) 😉


With all the female empowerment going on, someone has to tell the truth and as brutally as possible if that’s what it takes for us to wake up.


We ask for so much yet we do and give so little. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

Some have said to me; if a girl is having sexual intercourse with a guy, he ought to take care of all of her needs.

That’s senseless. 

The downside to this good-digging business is that it dulls you mentally. You lose sight of your own dreams and ambitions.


(Trophy wife?)

You become so dependent you lose value…


Sense of entitlement is another problem that needs to be dealt with!!!

No one is obligated to provide for you so if someone does, appreciate it, grow with it instead of milking them.


My father would always say to me “work on yourself, work on your dreams and the right men will chase after you“.

No one wants a liability…


If possible, we need to put a stop to double standards… 

Feminism preaches equality yet when it comes to finances, the man is still heavily burdened.

What exactly are we advocating? 


The disrespect is horrendous to females in general due to the massive amount of females that shamelessly & financially access you before taking you on.

Can’t say I blame them… We brought it upon ourselves.

When do we draw the line on vanity?

Competing with one another over baseless material things.

Disregarding real relationships and prospects all because the finances don’t make enough sense to us.


This is a wake up call in relation to the recently passed #InternationalGirlChildDay for us to ” level up“.

Food for thought: Money will get you out of discomfort but it will never buy you real happiness. 



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