Not to be judgemental or anything but this is hands down the silliest thing I’ve ever seen all my life.

I’m… (What do the cool kids call it?)- “shook” at the reasoning 👇


First of all, your body doesn’t need any form of overdose whatsoever.

Secondly, why would you subject your health (fertility) to such dangerous circumstances all because you’re trying to avoid a certain title?

It just seems like a lot to lose for someone who wouldn’t even wife you…


Forgive my manners; for those who have no clue what “Postinor” is, I’ll explain.

Postinor two a.k.a “P2” is a type of birth country commonly used here (in Nigeria).

Mind you, this isn’t the regular birth control prescribed by a doctor to suit your body. 

It is more of a precautionary pill females take so as to avoid pregnancy after the sins of the flesh has taken place without appropriate protection. 😉

The side effects of this pill may vary and sometimes lead to infertility if taken excessively. 

Yes! The goal of this detailed explanation was/is to scare you. 

After all said, do you now see why the first photo is ridiculous?

Babies are blessings (personally, I don’t want one now) but I’d take a child over infertility any day regardless of the male figure that is going to be the father. 


Moving on…

Traditionallyone ought to be married then have a baby but so much has changed and lately things have been done reversely. 

Who can blame them though? Everyone needs someone to hold I guess… (Weather for two something)


The baby mama trend is one currently swooping the society. Some are done intentionally, others- maybe not. 

Let’s dissect, shall we?

I’d start with the unintentional baby mama’s because it’s less complicated.  

This could be as a result of failed relationships, one night stands and whatnot but whatever the cause; a baby (sometimes more) was the result. 

Not everyone is big on abortions (ill advised), it could be for religious or personal reasons and although both parents can’t be together, they can at least work on an agreement for the sake of the child.


Here’s the koko though…

The intentional baby mama’s… 


I’ve clearly been sleeping under a rock because I didn’t realize that child support laws are strongly held in Nigeria aswell. 

This trend is mostly popular with celebrities; there are those who “seem” to be in it for the $$$. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with hooking up with a guy… A random toss & turn is not a crime (your body, your rules)


If you’re gonna do that then why not protect yourself while in the act or afterwards. 

The tricky part is the pill “Postinor” can be taken 72 hours max after your rendezvous so let’s say you forgot the first day, how about the next?

OK in all fairness, it isn’t 100% effective but seeing as this trend is becoming rampant. I have my doubts…

It takes two to tango. 

Where was I? -Oh yeah!!! The money business a.k.a CHILD SUPPORT!!!!

Oooh la la…


I mean, it is tempting to live off someone else’s hardwork especially when he has little or no choice but to support you because you have his seed. 

For those who do it with intent, it’s emotional blackmail… I tell ya. 

I’m not encouraging anyone to go about popping babies (not that it’s a bad idea) but if you’re gonna do it- let it be for the right reasons because that child deserves the best; from both parents.

Also, if you don’t feel safe enough having unprotected sex with a guy – then don’t. 

Stop damaging your body all because you want to avoid a title. 

Do all things with subtilty. #UseSense


And then, there are the side chicks who may feel having a baby by him would keep him with you but it doesn’t. 

Some main chicks do this too. An emotional trapping that lately has been having the reverse effect. Hence you  become; a baby mama aswell. 

For the intentional baby mama’s… You’ve got 18 years. You best enjoy it while it lasts.


Sending wisdom & love to you folks. 

Stay safe out there!!! 🙏


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