I Won’t Camouflage.

Hold on to me because I’m a little unsteady… 

—->I’ll be right by your side. Through the laughter & through the pain; together we’re bound to fly.


The things we do for love. We’ve tried everything but we won’t give up…

Today, I’d like to acknowledge & encourage all the champions dealing with “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD).

ASD is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.


Autism spectrum disorder impacts the nervous system.

The range and severity of symptoms can vary widely. Common symptoms include difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours.

Early recognition, as well as behavioural, educational and family therapies may reduce symptoms and support development and learning (-Google)


Come just as you are to me. I will love you unconditionally. 

In dealing with this situation, it may seem like there won’t be sunshine everyday; give it all you have.

When you come close to selling out, -reconsider.



“I’m a work in progress
I’m a seed grown into a flower
I’m a storm that’s rising & getting stronger with every hour and God knows I ain’t perfect.
Tell me who in the world is.
All I know is that I’m searching for somebody to love me with these flaws I’ve got – Brandy.”

The good news is that there’s been several cases of people recovering from autism. 💙💃

I remember only darkness, only fear. But as soon as I figured out how to teach him, the darkness lifted. It was thrilling. I couldn’t wait to get up each morning and teach him something new. It wasn’t work at all. It was a huge, huge relief —>excerpts from an article I read on autism.


I’ve been researching on this topic yet words fail me due to the sensitivity of this topic. Still, I’d like to say “thank you” to the strong ones amongst us. 💪


There is no guarantee that this life is easy but I‘d waste away without you. You’re the reason my star shines.

I’ll still be here proudly waiting to spend more time with you. We’d take on the world together. 💙💙💙

Scientifically, there may be no cure (yet) for autism but we trust in the name of the Lord… 💒

All is possible if God is on “our” side.


Promise me that you’d give faith the fighting chance. 💙💙💙💙💙


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