If you love me, don’t let go.

Treat me like you’re scared to lose me -she said.


This piece is dedicated to my dear friend.

For the sake of privacy; we’d name the characters “Kiki & Mickey“.


Its all fun and games till love finds you. 



All you thought you wanted becomes vague and you’re lost in a trance with this certain someone…

It’s love this time… It just seems to fit. 💃💃💃

This love is mine!!! 💏💑

I can see you with me when I’m older. ❤❤


But, Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough… 

I like to call the first few days,months or weeks of a relationship the “honeymoon phase” when your emotions are heightened and it feels so blissful.

As time goes on, arguments and misunderstandings (exes, haters & the likes of them) start to pop in and it starts to become obvious that love alone cannot suffice.

You either put in the effort to sustain the relationship or let it go.

Fighting for love or happiness is no easy task. 


Speak up & open up your mind. Its something you should do all the time.

Kiki’s tough, Mickey’s headstrong… (Remember; the characters mentioned above☝)

Random fights and arguments about the same things. Different day, same issue.

One is getting fed up and feels like a broken record by constantly asking to be treated better. The other doesn’t realize how much he’s hurting her and it goes on & on…

I stand by in the shadows watching in silence (mostly).

Its funny how those actually in the relationship can be so short sighted on their issues. 

When a female gets tired of complaining, you should worry because that means she’s too tired to go on fighting for the relationship (nagging is in our constituency 😂).


Acceptance is the key to being truly free.

No two persons act or think alike. Coming together in a union will definitely have it’s hurdles.

Love that is true is not blind to flaws but overlooks them. Understanding your “lover” cannot be stressed enough.


Will you do the same for me?


If we finally fall apart, we’d break each other’s heart. 

..now i can’t live without you.


It’s gonna get easier somehow.

We learn as we grow each day… Listening & learning from one’s mistakes and making the conscious effort to keep your partner happy and the magic alive is the solution to lasting relationships.

Forgiveness is also important.

Your relationship is “yours alone


Let’s make a memory out of this…

This love story continues (I’ll update y’all).

This heart belongs to you!!!


Forever is you and me. 


Kiki & Mickey in Paris!!! 💏




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