Does “great sex” keep people in bad relationships? …Yup!


Adults; let’s begin today’s session, shall we? 18+ only!!!


Someone sent me a post on the reasons why people stay in bad relationships with great sex.

I’d like to throw in my two cents.

The answer is simple – LUST!


You’re tired of watching me? We are about to have a good time… Boy 😉

So many people have fallen into or are stuck in relationships simply because the sex is great. Not just good, but great.

There may not necessarily be emotions involved in this package or it could be that the love has faded over time yet they stay on… And why? La pasión!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Tell me baby; what are we gonna do? I’ll make it easy. I’ve got a lot to lose…

I know of some people in abusive relationships but stay on because the aftermath sex is amazing – as they say.

Rationally, it’s demeaning to be treated so poorly but some have said; a good lay in the sack can cause mental alterations.

*You don’t have to throw the food at my face just because I asked to be fed😩 #FoodForThought


You’d go gaga when you log on to this 🔜😉

There’s something about 😸 🍆 that keeps you coming back for more.

Admittedly, it can be addictive.


The sexual comparability may be unmatched and the chemistry can be misleading but unless it is a stated friends-with-benefit situation; you should aim for more from a partner.

Your call though… 

Explosive sex is a great start but not the ultimate. 


Every story has its scars.

The worry that comes with having such mind blowing sex is that eventually feelings may start to emerge on one side of the partnership that could lead to complications. Or not (if you’re lucky).


Or; you could simply mistake love for plain old lust…

Either way; it’s not something that ought to last forever if there’s no more to it than the physical attraction.

Even the sun sets in Paradise.

Stay safe out there folks..



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