Am I Nuts?

The other day I was jamming to the music while doing the dishes and there was this mosquito. He/she kept dancing around me so I just assumed it liked the song then I put it on repeat…


Its either I’ve completely lost it or the mosquito must have sucked the wrong blood that night- probably someone that was high.

Usually they just bite or annoy you by singing their entire album into your ears. 


This one in particular (let’s assume it was a she and call her “Shakira”) did none of that. All it did was dance!!! I think.


Life is best enjoyed when you downplay situations and exaggerate “things“… It’s a lot more fun that way.

Sometimes, I laugh out loud from the crazy scenarios going down in my head.


Someone even said I have conversations with myself due to my excessive drama… (I concur unashamedly).

The truth is nice but a rumor is priceless!!! 

Doing dishes is not my favorite thing to do but when I do; I imagine I’m the star actress in an old motel movie as a waitress doing the dishes while my prince charming awaits me on the other side of the counter.


Must be the reason I love travelling by road; that way I can imagine I’m in a music video riding to paradise even though in reality I may just be in a public bus (sitting uncomfortably) on my way to the market or church.


Sad songs make me happy and happy songs makes me laugh (possibly because I’m more focused on the lyrics). I seem to always have the opposite reaction to situations.

I was a handful. Kind of still am. As a teenager, my father called me a “drama queen“. I checked the dictionary and couldn’t even be upset because the definition suited me.


On the other hand, my mother is constantly trying to get me to take a certain course in life…

You know the African usual; graduate, get a good paying job, get married by 25 but don’t have a boyfriend till you’re 25, give her a handful of grandkids (literally hand them over to her or she’d move in -for life).

All that is nice but I am who I am. I will do as I see fit or as I’m destined to.


Kidding. Or not. (Last last, no be me get myself) 😩😥

I can’t chop slap at this old age. I think in African homes you can never really outgrow slaps or dramatic family meetings.

Incase I can no longer return home should my mother see this, can I move in with you till I find a husband? – (asking for my twin).

My mother calls me “atutu boyoyo” (ugly)  or “this girl” as a nickname at times although I’m completely unsure why. It’s gotta be a joke. I hope.

I’m not ugly. Am I? What if I am and I just don’t know it? Am I adopted? 😱😂😂

Sometimes she tells me I’m finer than Beyonce… What a way to confuse a person mama. 

Thank God there are mirrors!!! 


The above are just some odd thoughts that go through my mind. They are mostly laughable.

To be honest, I think I get my drama from my parents and probably my weirdness from an ancestor.

Most thoughts that we are too ashamed to actualize because we feel it may be weird or unacceptable would make us  so much happier than the life we pretend to live.


I too have made this mistake by sometimes using headphones to listen to my playlist which contains mostly songs from the 70’s and 80’s (I know, I’m an old soul) but now I play it in the highest volume. Whoever doesn’t want to listen to it can put headphones on. 😛

I am not ashamed of my extreme high drama level or weirdness. Although, speaking fairly, it won’t hurt to cool the drama a bit.



Not encouraging anyone to carry out their dark fantasies or question their roots. All I’m saying is do what makes you happy and try to see the world as beautifully as it actually is. Never lose sight of your innocence.

So long as you’re not hurting others, keep chasing your happiness. (Don’t be like “Rose“)


You can take off your shoes if it starts to feel uncomfortable to dance with or take off your wig if its getting too hot (no one has naturally laid edges anyway).





Live right. 

Stay Happy Always (This line is from the Always advert though) ✌



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