Be careful with me.

You’ve got me like a rag doll now I’m dancing on your string…


faithful reader of Yours& sent me the picture above and asked me to write on it.

Usually, i write on what I feel so this is a bit challenging being that I need to understand the emotion and reasoning behind his request.


Breaking hearts is not my forte.

What I deduce from this photo is a lady sapping the life (emotions) from this man that happened to have given all of himself to her.

How do you fix yourself after someone broke you?


“You don’t really see that I had given you my life…”

While sourcing for photos for this post, it hit me that most narrated “heartbreak stories” are the ones in which the female is the victim.

Men are scum” (yen yen yen 😡😡😠😡) Females break hearts too. Its not unheard of.

Men are expected to be stronger so the stories don’t get out as much. Everyone has feelings after all.

The idea of you. The idea of love.

I’d like to quickly point out that sometimes what we mistake for love may just be infatuation.

We can unconsciously fall in love with the concept of being in love, the thrills of it; the notion of having someone but may not necessarily be in love with the said someone. 

You can care deeply for a person but not be “in love“… There are different kinds of love.

☝☝☝Refer to the previous post titled: All I do is Jump (To conclusions)


Got me feeling high and i can’t step off the cloud. 

Folks say the beginning of the relationship is sometimes the best time. You’re giddy to be with someone new and create wonderful memories (if you’re lucky).

I’m trying to holla at you, I’m screaming…

Time passes and issues start to come up. The pressure starts to build up and at this stage; emotions are involved.

You start to realise she’s not who she claimed to be. Yet you keep giving, whatever it takes to satisfy her & to keep her with you a day more…



I was told when a man falls in love, he falls completely. That’s a vulnerability he’s willing to deal with just to keep the flames burning.


So he gives a little more; maybe if I do the most she’d stay… He says to himself when he calls for the fifteenth time with no answer.

She’s constantly making up excuses, strangers calling her phone. Suddenly she has more “uncles” than she knows what to do with.

You keep giving your time, your resources, you wear your heart on a sleeve; over andmaybeji again to no avail.


I miss the taste of the sweet life. I miss the conversation. 

Eventually you throw in the towel but part of you is still holding on; hoping she’d have a change of heart because she took all your love when she left.

I wish you never promised things that never did come true. 


The scenario narrated above can take place in several forms. Sadly, some get into relationships for the financial gain or as a rebound or maybe just to pass time and numb their loneliness.

That is selfishness. 

Only a coward awakens a love he/she is not ready to harness. 

What gave you the temerity to do so?

Half of my heart’s got a grip on the situation. Half of my heart’s got you. 

Eventually, you’d have to move forward with your life regardless of the pain.


But if you truly loved someone, a piece of them will always be in your heart. You may not forget but you move on (eventually).


These shallow waters never met what I needed. I’m letting go.


Karma for you is going to be who you end up with.

*Drops Mic*✌🎤🆕🆓


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