My emotions are taking over me like an erosion… 


I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny. And what do I do?

Act more stupidly.

As I walk through the water, there’s so many things I see and I say to myself; it’s never as it seems. 

We all struggle with a variety of things; be it financial burdens, emotional pain, academic challenges, health worries and so on…

The solution all boils down to self love and self care.

If you don’t want diabetes- control your sugar intake. If you want to excel, work towards it.


Most problems have solutions. Sometimes, we are just too engulfed in worry that we miss it.

Leave me alone, let me live my life!!! 

However we choose to live our lives is up to us but that is no excuse to intentionally inflict discomfort on others just because we are at liberty to make our choices.


I am guilty!!!

We often push the blame on anyone or anything else but ourselves.

How much longer will that hold?

Why continue to deceive ourselves?


The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved.

You will never feel loved if you cannot love yourself which means being okay with your flaws and addressing your issues.


Yes, everyone is different but dealing with your toxicity is Paramount.

We cannot continue to hide under the disguise of imperfection… What can be fixed should be fixed.


…and sometimes we are left in a pool of our own thoughts having been shot by life at close range -PeterWords

Change is inevitable and upgrades are always a welcome idea.

The conscience keeps us in check.

You may feel there’s nothing to change about your attitude but if you truly check yourself, you will find some things worth changing.

I walk and talk funny, it’s always been something I’ve been conscious about but there’s very little I can do about that (maybe there is when it comes to the walking bit).

The change I refer to is not your physical challenges. I’m talking about soul and mind cleansing. Body too, if need be.

We must purge ourselves of vanity, jealousy, anger, shallow mindedness and unnecessary anguish and worry. 


This generation is so messed up because the people are so messed up. Everyone wants to be politically correct… Go with the crowd but never have the courage to speak up for themselves.


Partly because disagreeing opinions are shut down so quickly now. There’s no room for venting so we push blame and hide behind our pain.

Now see how toxic our world is…

Everyone keeps saying they want a change.

Well; what kind?

No one is bold enough to step up and be precise about it. Maybe they aren’t sure what it is they want.

People are too scared to be alone.


Learn to enjoy your own company and stick to what you believe in even if it means standing alone. 


You are better off that way. 

Your happiness is YOURS for the taking. Never compromise that.

Don’t negotiate your Peace.

Search within yourself and radiate the beautiful light in you then proceed to share that with the world.

We need more of that.


We need the REAL you and not a photocopy of what you’ve been programmed to be. 

Release & Express yourself… 


Put your arms around me and I’m home.

Wishing you and yours a blissful September!!!


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