I can’t make you lose yourself looking for me…

I just want to be an ESCAPE!!! 


People mostly talk about how to stop drug abuse. Some say the solution is to legalise it. Others suggest to put an end to it completely. 

I’ve decided to take an alternative route around this topic.

So as not to be bias, I have asked around to aid my understanding of why people need these “substances” and I have come to the conclusion that it is simply an escape from the reality.

I’ve always assumed that people indulge in these acts due to peer pressure but it’s become quite apparent that most people do it initially for the thrill of it… 

Testing the waters; per say. 


I think the experience itself is what gets one hooked and if not controlled may eventually lead to “addiction“.

This piece is not in any way aimed to judge anyone because although we may sin differently; we are all sinners nonetheless. 

I for one have never done cocaine, had weed or smoked a cigarette. Apparently all I do is have alcohol occasionally (PS I’m legal) meaning I’m not in the best position to understand what real ” highness” feels like.

I don’t remember exactly the first time I had alcohol or what prompted me to but I do recall what being “tipsy” feels like.

It does feel so freeing…

You almost feel invisible and it does take you to a place where you can express yourself openly which you may have not been able to do if you were sober.


As an introvert, I can totally relate but hangovers ain’t pretty so I don’t indulge.  

A couple of years ago, someone asked me if I could play some songs from my playlist and I said I wasn’t sure if he’d like it because I mostly listen to slow rock and he goes “do you take weed?

I couldn’t see the relation between the two but I said “No” and he goes “wow I can’t imagine how you’d be if you get on it”

So apparently, these substances does change one’s attitude. I guess there’s a certain vibe that exhumes from it.

I’ve been told it does take you to a special place mentally. 

I was going to approach this topic by assuming these substances have become so rampant due to peer pressure but the more I look into it, the more I realize people just need to find ways to deal with their issues. An ESCAPE.


I have been offered and I have been tempted to try out a cigarette. I have anxiety issues and the smokers say it does relieve you of anxiety but being me; I worry too much about the long run so i opt out.

Now I’m not saying it’s right. Narcotics can shorten your life span and mess up your life a great deal especially when it becomes an addiction.


All I’m saying is that now I understand. 


Same goes for fornication. Some are trying to find themselves in others all to escape loneliness…

Most people won’t share their problems because they are too afraid of being judged so they find coping mechanisms which is usually turning to the wrong channels that would only drown them quicker.

In this present day & age, there are several facilities and groups to help people battling addiction. It is okay for you to get help if needed.

We all want to help one another. The way of life can be free and beautiful.


Dealing with life can be bothersome at times so I can see why turning to these substances may seem like the way forward.

Most have shut themselves in and shut the world out. Shut help out (for those battling addiction).

We think too much and feel too little…


Conclusively, I hope we can all have peace and find a source of escape in one another and not things that may be harmful to us.

Peace&Love 💜💛✌


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