Call me by my (nick)name.

Follow my lead, what are you waiting for?


I have a bunch of names. Some I don’t even know of.

My mother is in the hobby of picking up new names to add to my list whenever she finds one interesting enough.

I know I’ve been doing a lot of back to back posts lately but that’s simply because;  👇


*Clears throat*

Let’s continue… 

Most of you know me as “Thelma“, but  my family mostly call me “Ede” which is short for “Omosede“.

The H in Thelma is silent but still very much needed in the spelling for reasons I’m unsure of at the moment.

Also, it’s not phelma; its Thelma. Only ph is pronounced as F…


That being said;

I love my names. I really Do. They both have beautiful meanings but I badly want to be addressed by my friends as ” Tee” or “Tee-Mama“.

I’ve been struggling over the years to get my friends to call me this but they always continue on with Thelma. Probably because we are girls.

Some boys call me Tee though and I appreciate it. I appreciate y’all my homies. 😉😉😉

Most boys address each other by their nicknames, some don’t even know their actual names.

Am I the only one that finds this unbelievably cool?


One time, I changed my bbm name to ” Pringles” and sadly that stuck. My cousins never let me hear the end of it.

But hey, on the bright side I received a lot of Pringles because they just assumed I did that out of hunger.

I concur. 

Question is, do you just go along with the nickname you get called mostly or continue to hope the name you want gets picked up?

The nickname that’s been picked up for me is “mama” probably because of my care giving/motherly nature (future husband, if you are here; I’m advertising my wifey traits… Subtly 😉)

From now on; if I won’t be referred to as Tee then please call me Beyonce *flips hair 😏


Cos I’m a diva… 😏


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