If I die young.

A penny for my thoughts? Oh no. I’d sell them for a dollar. They are worth so much more after I’m gone. Maybe then you’d hear the words I’ve been saying…


Funny when you’re dead how people start listening…

The other day while carelessly crossing the road. I almost got hit by a truck.

I subconsciously said that “there would be nothing to write on my tombstone if I die now”.

I assumed I had not achieved anything so far in life.

My friends and I laughed it off but later on that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


I really started to wonder what exactly I would be remembered for if something were to happen to me.

No one knows when his/her time will be up. Death is inevitable to all. There’s a reason why people write wills.

Many have said our purpose on earth is to serve which conclusively is true but I’d like to break it down to the layman’s understanding.

Life’s journey is to find your purpose and then when you find it; You give it all away. So, in another sense; it is to serve.


For instance; you’re a talented musician, that is your gift. When you use that to entertain or encourage someone else; that is service.

What makes this simple task so complicated is that many find it hard to find or recognize their purpose.

I for one, struggle with this.

I am passionate about a lot of things and I’ve been blessed to be able to pursue most of those interests.

In a deeper sense, it is fulfilling to be versatile but it also brings a certain unsatisfactory feeling of always wanting more.


The body can do whatever you train the mind to.

Once you open your mind to the endless possibilities, you can do whatever it is you wish to but then you may never be truly satisfied.

It goes hand in hand with greed (mostly).

More money, more businesses, more material things…


When is MORE enough?

Believe it or not, people rarely remember the dead for their financial status; their character is spoken of more.

People are remembered by their deeds…


They say only the good die young, that just ain’t right… 

I make a conscious effort to treat people how I want to be treated but there are days when my patience runs out and there are some people your spirit just disagrees with.

I am not perfect, I have no intention to be but I do hope I can be characterised as a “good person“.


Not because the opinion of others is paramount and neither is it a ticket to heaven.

The reason I treat people in the best way possible is that I hope someday the world can be as beautiful as it is in my head.

It starts with one. It starts with me.

In the face of betrayal, pain, greed and the unpredictable nature of man; you can shape your environment by how you interact with others.


There will be good and bad days but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

My biggest fear was the fear of failure but over the course of my life I’ve failed woefully over and over again, yet; here I am.

I may need to come up with a new pit seeing as the old one is played out.

I hold on so tightly to God not because I love my pastor, not because I love my church but because I love him completely and he does the same for me.


He knows who I am, he knows who I was and who I will be. Who I hope to be.


The last line in today’s devotion was; “Am I willing to die to self in order to serve the One who died for me? Will I do what is necessary to “see Jesus”?

As mortals, someday we will have to progress to the “afterlife“.


I still don’t know what it takes to make heaven. All I have is the blessed assurance in Christ and my selfless faith in his word.

I was here… I lived, I loved.

I hope I can be remembered for mostly the good.

PS I’m going to live really long. This is a hypothetical piece. 

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