Double Standards.

As we struggle to empower our women, let’s be careful not to indirectly oppress our men.


Equal rights for everybody.

Everyone ought to be treated equally.


There’s been so much chaos surrounding the word “feminism“.

So many have misunderstood it and misused it for various reasons and thereby painting a bad light on the course.

It is more than just a word. It is more than just a movement.

Feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Has it become evident to you now that a man can also be a feminist?

That being said; we can now dive into the issue at hand… Double standards.


What are double standards?

It is comprehensively defined as a rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.

Its embarrassing that domestic violence has mainly been streamed down to when a man hits a woman.

Who is speaking out for the males?

Don’t think for a second that men don’t get abused aswell. It is more common than we choose to admit.

Abuse can take different forms; there is emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and some others but I’ve narrowed it down to these three for today’s discussion.

It may seem like the ultimate fantasy to a man for a lady to grab his penis without him having to ask for it, but, that is abuse.

Anything done without consent is abuse.

Regardless of the gender it is done to.

There was this story (true story) of a lady that both physically and sexually abused a young man at the Nysc camp because they were told to “hold something“… Literally.

The lady in question went ahead to grab a guy’s private part, ignoring the fact that this man was/is a total stranger. He went ahead to slap her. She waited then days later, retaliated by giving him several slaps.


Hold something… She should have held on to common sense (I judge a little)

Now, I’m not saying it was right for him to have hit her. Violence is wrong. But he was in his right to feel sexually violated.

My regret is that most people are upset with this guy having expected him to be pleased.



Are you not a man? Take it as a man!… Some might say.

You better be quiet if you’re insensitive and shallow minded.

Not everyone is so easily amused. I’d be pissed too if i was out in public and someone grabbed my precious parts and I’m saying that while totally ignoring my gender.

You often hear of cases where a woman hits a man intentionally to embarrass or hurt him and he has to do absolutely nothing. I concur but who is gong to set these women straight?

We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to abuse and violence regardless of the gender involved.

I’m not saying to go about hitting people; all I’m saying is if we are going to fight against abuse and violence, then it should be for every gender.


One for all, all for one… 


People are usually so quick to judge forgetting that the flesh will inevitably return to dust.

Live and let live… 🙌


I’ve always wondered why a lady has to have flawless skin and a “sexy bod”… per say; to keep a man whereas the man is allowed to go about with a potbelly and appear as he deems fit. It seems a bit unfair.


If  you happen to find yourself in a relationship in which you are being abused and hurt… Walk away sis. Walk away bro.

It gets better. 🙏

Also, I’d like to share with you a totally unrelated yet interesting fact. 👇👇👇




3 thoughts on “Double Standards.

  1. You said it all my dear, the male

    specie faces harassment daily

    and we dare not speak out

    because the society holds on to

    the believe that we ” enjoy it”

    .Men are bn raped daily and

    nobody advocates for us . I was

    once a victim too

    Thank you for taking out time to

    keep sentiments aside and come

    out plain.

    Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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