In my feelings.

I don’t want to hurt you… 

Not you…


I have trust issues. This you know but one thing I’ve never been is “thirsty“.

When I chose the name “Yours and Ours“, it was simply because I wanted it to feel that way.

I keep emphasizing that “we are family” here because that is my intention for this online community.

If you don’t open your mind, you’d never know a good thing.


Recently, I got called out by the wife of one of my readers (at least I hope he is).

Apparently she assumed I was/am having an affair with her husband because she saw the blog post(s) photos and link in his gallery and WhatsApp messenger app.

Mind you, there is no valid conversation between this man and I except links and blog photos which I send as a broadcast message.

She deemed the pictures “inappropriate“. Regardless of the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I feel; i know the photos are specifically quirky to aid your mental picturing.

INSECURITY screamed at me!!!


I mean how naive can one be? I’m not even in the photos I send… Well; mostly and even if he opens the link I won’t be in the blog (not physically anyway).

She said she only wanted to iron things out with me before confronting her husband. That is laughable for so many reasons.


Supposing, I was having an affair with her husband; why would I admit it and even if I did, what if there are others?

How many people will you fight to keep a man?

Why not just hash it out with him?

But Ofcourse my answer was 👇👇


Don’t hurt yourself sis… 

Forgive the rant but this insinuates an insecurity or low self esteem and I feel I should shed some light on it.

I do not know what or who the husband has fooled around with in the past to have made her that suspicious of him but, why do that to yourself?

It seems like a lot of work to me.

Prioritize your peace! 


They say its harder for men to be monogamous due to their primal nature but I don’t buy that because at certain points we are all drawn elsewhere other than our respective partners.

Attraction has no boundary but should that make us loose canyon’s?

The key to faithfulness is contentment.


We are told to fight for what we love but not everything needs to be a battle.

One just never knows how life’s journey is going to play out so why stress over it?

You cant keep a man/woman doesn’t want to be kept.


They are not toys. A full grown adult can make his/her decisions.


I cannot specifically tell you what it takes to keep a man. All I know is; a man that wants to be kept will be.

You can’t persuade anyone to do anything against their will…


I pray you find a love that deserves you. 


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