You’ll remember me.

I hope you fall and you break your heart like you broke mine.


Now you’ve got me feeling like shooting cupid.

Lost and insecure… You found me.


We were hopeless hearts just passing through.

A stranger’s hand clutched in mine…

Below is a bit of a brutal story to aid your mental picturing.

Her: Don’t scar this young heart.
Mr Serial Lover: I won’t scar your young heart. We’d be alright… 

And boy did you light the flames!!!

My heart is on fire. I can’t seem to get rid of the scars that remain… And now I’m numb.

Her: I’m leaving you!
Mr Serial Lover: I love you…

Every bone screaming… Walk away. Do it now!

But there goes all my senses…

365 days later…
Same pattern, different year.

You just go around breaking hearts just to see what’s inside. Its okay, I’m going to find my way but as for you… I don’t know what to say.

Do you still believe in love? I wonder.


Sometimes you give your all to a relationship; you cook, you clean, you iron his car;supposing he has one (I kid)… Basically you do the most and it goes down the drain.


I’ll be sponsoring your pride.

Some cuts go deeper depending on the weight of the sacrifices made to keep the love flourishing and relationship thriving.

Men are scum? Women are scum? Truth is; it can go both ways.

Things change… Feelings fade.

We can’t hold that against anyone but some pain(s) inflected are done with cruel intent.

The argument now is with the cowards that intentionally take advantage of emotions for their selfish needs.

Told me what I wanted to hear. You tricked me up!

I hope you find comfort in all the lies you told. It will all come back around one day.


Dear karma… Why does it take you so long to act?

Vengeance; they say, is the Lord’s…

I could never cook up an evil plan that equals yours so I’ll leave you to karma.

But when and would that ever be?


In movies, there is usually an happy ending and the perpetrator mostly gets a punishment that suits the crime but this is life and in real life karma does take “her” time in serving justice.

But is it justice?

Why does pain have to cancel pain?


It may seem unfair but forgiveness is not for the doer of the crime but for self peace.

Let nature takes its due course if it chooses to…

Revenge is exhausting and if God can forgive, then who are we not to?


If the love was true, underneath it all; you’d wish well for whosoever hurt you. Because love never completely fades away…

It doesn’t matter how it turns out to be.

I think it’s time for me to let go…




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