When will it ever be enough?

Is it ever?

Thread with caution. Greed is insatiable.


We all want the “finer things” in life but what’s all the money worth if there’s no one to share it with?

The thing about greed is that it slowly creeps up on you. You’re usually unaware until it consumes you and sometimes it breeds jealousy because when you can’t have it all, you can never be pleased with another’s success…

There’s a difference between wanting more and greed. That difference is content.

It is advisable to constantly push ourselves and aim higher than the benchmark but when that becomes a  necessity; an insatiable need, then it becomes a problem.

Too many churches, not enough saved… 


I’ve been advised to always write what I feel. In no way is this article aimed at belittling anyone or religion. These are just my thoughts on the issue at hand…

I was fortunate to be born into Christianity. It was never a choice; but as the years went by, it became more of a relationship with God for me other than just going to church once or twice a week.

In the past, I have intentionally blindsided myself to some activities that take place in some Nigerian churches.

Unfortunately, there is so much suffering in this nation and especially for the average church goer.

Selfless service to others brings honor to God.

The church ought to be a home. Where those who have give to those who don’t. I’d be lying if I say I haven’t done the calculations as to how the church can function while constantly sharing with the members of the church.


I stand by tithing because not only is it biblical but I personally have seen the rewards; but, do not be deceived.

Tithes ought to be paid from the “harvest” of your “labour” (10%). So if you are not working or haven’t received an income, you are not obligated to do so.


Money given to you as a gift does not require tithe. It is a present, keep it. It is alright if you choose to sow seeds but let no one pressure you into it. God is not mocked!

We give so much to the church that there’s nothing or little left to give to those who need it around us…

But we must remember, the church is more than just your congregation and fellow Christians. It is a home – to ALL.

I am usually very disappointed when i see what mockery Christianity has become due to the silly acts of some Pentecostal preachers.

Why allow greed consume you so?

I was told of a preacher who belittled a member all because she was too sick to meet the “seed” requirements…

My question is; who put you in charge of the heavenly requirements?

Loving one another as ourselves is crucial. While some are feeding off the gospel, the backbone (members) of the church are starving away.

How dare you belittle Christ’s work this way? How dare you! 

There is a reason behind the financial segregation. If it was willed by God, then we’d all be rich, but as it is not so then it is our duty to raise one another and make this world more bearable to live in.

I will no longer sit and watch from the shadows as people continue to give needlessly to the wrong causes while struggling for survival. 

God is not wicked to pass on such rules to us. You must know this.


It is our responsibility as a people to not only love but care for one another in times of need.

After all said and done. The question is; are we truly winning souls for Christ or just recruiting new members for the church?

May God help us all and grant us true wisdom to know what is and what is not.


Have a blessed August.
Happy New Month FAM 👪


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