I was made for loving you- (Me).

What can I do to make you love me?


I need your heart, I need your time and your loyalty… So I said to every failed lover, friend and sometimes family.

So much time is wasted fighting for the wrong things and the wrong people.

I played with fire and I was the first to fall and get burnt.

We unconsciously chain our emotions to certain people all in a bid to be loved in return.


📷: @Tajfrancis

It can be so consuming. I can attest to that.

And when they can’t reciprocate those feelings, it becomes a problem and then comes pain.

Physical pain is treatable. Sure, the scars will remain but the pain goes away… Eventually.

How do we deal with rejection? How do we deal with the betrayal? Those are non visible.

If you’ve genuinely offered yourself (your heart, your time, your loyalty) and it is not needed/wanted; then you have to CHOOSE yourself. You owe yourself that much.


📷: @Tajfrancis

We’d make the biggest mistake of our lives if we refuse to LOVE ourselves unabashedly.

Self love breeds inner peace and peace is too precious to risk losing. Prioritize yours!

You must protect your peace. It is not selfish. It is mandatory.


You must be your number one (1) priority.

Uncry these tears… 


📷: @Benzapah

Where did I go wrong? 

One thing you shouldn’t do is; play the blame game. Its not needed.

We can become so desperate for the need to feel, to be wanted, to have “someone“; per say, but you owe yourself so much more than the scraps being handed to you.

If it works out; great. If it doesn’t; there is better. There always will be better.


It is like chasing the very last train when it’s obvious that it’s too late. Holding on hurts too much.

Do not stick around for the reruns. What’s done is done.

Release yourself. You need your peace. 

Someone will love you. That person ought to be you first.

Self love is a conscious effort. Everyone wants a specific thing they currently do not have so why belittle yourself just because you feel imperfect?

Your flaws are a part of who you are. Do not camouflage. Its never worth it.

If you do not love yourself, no one else can.

What is it you want? What is it you need? You have to be able to constantly choose between them everytime.

Need is essential. Want is fickle. 

Shortchanging yourself for momentary pleasures wouldn’t cut it either.

Learning to deal with rejection or betrayal is paramount. A thousand “No’s” cannot destroy you. Don’t allow it put you down.

Rejection is not the end. It is a stepping stone to do better if you can optimize it.

When you come running back from the past, you’d be out of time. 

Please take me away from here.

Self consciousness is consistently picking right thoughts and choices, because growth is constant -Aaron Seyi.📝

We are too afraid to say no because we are scared of losing out. I too have felt the pressure, the anxiety to please others but what about me? Am I pleased with myself?


And for those who consciously take advantage of others; Are you happy with yourself?

I will love you till the end of time – Note to self. 💞


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