You know you can’t tell me nothing, right?


I’ve always wanted to cut my hair but I was told that if I do, I won’t find a “rich boyfriend“.

This plagues me for several reasons because..” Why a rich boyfriend? What does my hair have to do with anything? Why can’t he love me without hair?”

In some homes in Nigeria, the females are trained in such a way that seems biased.

They are thought to cook, to clean, to serve, to please, to be polite, to be godfearing; per say (although some are just church-goers). I judge not.


I do feel that it is not only discriminatory but also irrational because some of these girls end up being great pretenders.

There’s something rebellious about restricted freedom. 

I genuinely believe the woman is the home maker and these attributes eventually make a better woman.

But do we need the pressure?


There’s no need to be so fickle minded.

We ought to hone our responsibilities, regardless of gender.

Although, the male gender tends to pressured more to provide financially. Nevertheless, women have it harder in most regards.

You can now find women who are the “breadwinners” of the family yet still have to juggle being a mother and a wife.

Lost a few pounds in my waist for ya!!!

The burden of being appealing (sexy; some say), dressing up nicely… Oh the facade! 😫 …all to land a man. It is exhausting to keep up with.

I hear stories of women being raped by  their husbands and no one feels it’s wrong because her body is supposedly “his” but remember you can’t put a price on life.

Deafening Silence…

I have decided to shut the nonsense out and stick to what I believe is right and do as I know.

Someone said to me recently; you should get a boyfriend to get you the things you want. OK… But can he give me the things I need?

Indirectly, you are hinting that a man is the sole provider? Am I a degenerate? No! So, why can’t I get the things I need?

Most ladies say; “I wanna marry a rich man”… What then is the point of female empowerment if we are only going to end up wanting to lord it over our “rich men?”.


Why aren’t we thinking or aspiring to be rich ourselves? Its ridiculous.

Growing up, I’d hear the saying; “what a man can do, a woman can do better” which I believe is absolutely true so why then don’t we exercise that ability?

Be it as it may, I will live the life I choose because what works for one will not work for all.


Ever so often, you should take out time to reset your mind, soul and body be it by traveling or solitude; whatever refreshes your body and renews your mind.

Aspire to be more.


You are more than you give yourself credit for.


Happy weekend FAM.👪


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