I’m Yours.

I will love you till the end of time…


📷: itz_kado_official

Baby Please… don’t leave!

Let’s stay together. 


What’s worse than being single? Being in toxic relationships!

I am not married (yet) and if it seems like I am, then that’s good too. 😉

Lately, a lot of people are scared of marriage for various reasons. I know I am. 😔

Let’s discuss this, shall we FAM?

By now, you may have observed that I’m a fan of love. I am not sure how I feel about fairy tales but I believe in shaping my life how I want it to be.

Although I cannot speak from experience, I am a great listener and observer. So, here are a few suggestions on how to enjoy your “forever” with your “someone“.

We may find ourselves in displeasing relationships or marriages. Whether you ignored the signs earlier or you didn’t notice the toxicity in your partner, it’s fixable. Do not allow your mind trap you in pain.

Before we progress, I’d like to strongly advise that if you are in an abusive relationship, if your partner tears you down by hitting you or emotionally & mentally bullying you; you have a right to walk away from that situation.

I am in no way encouraging divorce but you shouldn’t compromise your life and health for anyone else. Whoever truly loves & deserves you will never hurt you in any way.

Life is too short to settle. Don’t just exist, live.

Most people want the fairy tale wedding but are not prepared to toughen it out in the marriage.

I’ve realized that true love lies in the imperfections. The moments when you feel like giving up but don’t.

Overcoming obstacles together and what not. True love isn’t pretty or perfect. Its just true.

It is the endless commitment, consistency, support, genuine partnership, the decision to protect your family and also your peace and happiness.

You cannot give what you do not have.


The mistake we make at times is that we rush into things. Everything seems great initially and we assume it will always be that way.

Yes. Love is a great happiness booster but if you do not battle your personal demons and fix up your life, no one else can.

Laying the responsibility of fixing yourself on someone else is not just unfair but also impossible. We all come with baggage. You may just end up with resentment.


Whatever relationship you’re in, you ought to grow there and also aid your partner in his/her personal growth.

There will be good, bad, great and rough days. There will be challenges. Even siblings experience this, its inevitable.

Why do we give up so easily?

The rate of divorce and break up’s recently have become alarming.

I partly blame it on feminism. Most people have the wrong idea on what feminism is about.

I feel the goal of feminism was not to belittle men but to prove that women are to be respected as equals.

Too many women suffer in marriages and relationships. No, we are not the lesser gender. We have only been forced to believe so. This is a trend that must stop.


It may get tiring having to bear the burden of handling it all. The woman is the “helpmate“… She should be treated as such. Women are incredible. Truly.

Happy wife, Happy life.😁


I am a very traditional female. I believe in catering to my man but only if he acknowledges my efforts and respects me as a person.

It’d be nice if men could show their appreciation more often and visibly.

Ladies, if he is making the effort to prioritize your happiness, you should reciprocate.

Pamper your lady. She deserves it.

For those who marry for the wrong reasons; probably for financial stability or out of loneliness, you are going to be okay aswell.

I was told that love grows. 

If you have tried and there is still no love, happiness or contentment. You can still fix it.

Decide what you want then go for it.


*PS… You are all invited to my wedding. Whenever that will be. 💞

Stay HAPPY, Always. 


4 thoughts on “I’m Yours.

  1. This one is for couples and newly weds, I am neither.lol
    Well said madam!. I sincerely wish most people can see this, it would have saved and helped a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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