Whenever you’re ready.

Talk to me…Ā 

Put the phone down and actually talk to me.


This generation has successfully created an online niche where people can either be themselves or pretend to be something or someone else.

Which isn’t always bad. Nevertheless;


We are drifting away… šŸ˜¢


Its sad that a group of friends can get together yet they all will be on their phones and make little physical communication.

What have we done to ourselves?

Smartphone and social media sure does make life more colourful but is this an addiction we are willing to adapt to?




This is a time where people view your “status” but don’t actually care to see how you’re doing. Sad indeed. šŸ˜¢


What do we do when we have no internet or when our smart phones go bad?

Depression hits. Boredom sets in. šŸ˜”

We spend so much valuable time surfing the Internet yet make very few meaningful relationships in real life (Sometimes).

Its like a domino effect… We react and feel the emotions of what we view or watch. šŸ“±šŸ“²


Can we surrender our phones for a minute and have actual conversations with one another?



I’m available, whenever you’re ready.

I’ll take the lead so long as you promise to follow.Ā 


5 thoughts on “Whenever you’re ready.

  1. Describes the world we live in now. I have a friend that vowed never to see me, but we always chat. Most times I think to myself, ” we would have bn good friends if we could only get a moment in time to meet up. I guess it’s the era of invisible friendship.

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