Out of Ashes…

You’ve been bent over backwards until you broke (or so they thought).


Wipe your tears Mother.

Can beauty come out of ashes?

My heart is heavy. There’s been so much unfortunate incidents this week. So many dreams gone up in smoke.

Can you use these tears to put out the fire?

Most importantly, we ought to take out time to pray for the departed and also for our beloved nation.

In order to heal, we must accept what has been for what it is and proceed onwards.


Hope & Strength… These are the words that come to mind when I think of my motherland.

It hasn’t been easy, it may not become blissful overnight but it will get easier because we are a strong people.


Nigerians are such tenacious people, we come back better from trials.

Hope is the driving force that bleeds out the struggles we may face.

As blessed as we are, unfortunately there is little reflection of that. We must do well to remember when we become impatient, that nothing good comes easy.

Time and time again, we have surpassed the standards we fell into and for this reason i am hopeful.

Words have failed us, it is time we speak through actions.

Be your neighbour’s keeper. Literally. Obey the law and care for the environment.

Nigeria still stands tall and in all her adornment.

We are survivors!!!


Photo source: google

May the departed souls rest in peace. ❤

It is not over until we say so.

One love. One nation. 
#TheLaboursOfOurHeroesPassedShallNeverBeInVain 👌


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