Intercourse & Misconceptions.

Let’s talk about sex baby…


Is everyone here legal (18 & above)? OK great.
Let us proceed.

I have to point out that abstinence is the best but for the sake of those who are only hearers and not doers… This one is for you.



In today’s class, we shall be breaking down sex and the standards that have now become the norm.

Let’s digress a bit… ladies, scrap the notion that you have to be physically perfect to land a man. Attraction has no limits. I think sexual attraction is more of a mental thing.

Moving on…

There are several sexual situations one may find him/herself in.


There’s the “sex while in a relationship“. Here, there is commitment and emotions involved.

Mind you, you are not obligated to have sex just because you both are dating. It is not an entitlement. Discuss it with your partner.

What’s fun about commitment? Does stability sound good to you?

There is absolutely no need going into a relationship just because of sex (you’d come to understand as we go further).

Also, ladies no man is obligated to finance you just because you have messed around. In all honesty, females  enjoy intercourse more.

So, if you are giving yourself to someone, payment shouldn’t be a necessity. That is called prostitution.



Don’t get me wrong. Yes, it is nice for your man to aid you financially & pamper you but if you request for money after intercourse with the mindset that you gave something so you ought to receive as well, then that is a business, not a relationship.

Then we have the “can’t be with you, can’t be without you” crew. This usually happens when you break up with someone but your emotions linger. You know the relationship can’t work out but when the “visitor” comes calling, you need that certain someone.



This is risky and unwise. Emotions will eventually mess it up.

And that brings us to the FWB (Friends With Benefits) gang. This is basically casual sex with someone you deem unfit to be in a relationship with but the flesh is weak… 😔


When it feels so good but it’s bad for you.

Oh and there the “one night stand” but that is self explanatory.

After all said and done, if you cannot abstain, so long as you feel mature enough to do it, you should also be mature enough to talk it out. Be honest about what it is you want.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

Always remember, protection is key. 😉

Stay Safe folks… ✊



4 thoughts on “Intercourse & Misconceptions.

  1. Finally, someone discussed the most avoided topic….And I really like the part where it was clarified that the female paramour enjoys sx the most, and the writer happens to be female too.
    Nice writeup

    Liked by 1 person

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