Don’t “angry” me.

Millennials have ruined romance for me.


Hello there. Can we be honest for a minute or two?

Hopefully by now you ought to have understood that I am not the typical girl, so here are a few things I’d like to address.

Let’s begin folks…
It drives me crazy when I’m asked
How was your night?” As serious as i am, i wonder if I should answer honestly or be “cute
How was my night? Let’s dissect it, shall we?

Realistic answers: I’m not sure. I slept through it.

Expected answers: It was Nice.

Oh and there’s the “Have you eaten?

To be honest, even if I say “No“… Are you willing to feed me?

Because I like food. I’m down for it. Don’t get my hopes up for nothing.


I know these questions are asked to be courteous but i literally answer the same thing to a bunch of different people on a daily basis. When did conversation get so bland?

Sometimes I try to break from the norm and answer “uneventful” instead and then I get asked what that is or why I feel it was so.


It is not my intention to be rude but how exactly am I supposed to break down the night’s activities if I was asleep? (completely unaware of the present)

Even if i wasn’t asleep, do you really need the breakdown of the ongoings of the night? Do you?

This is a cry for help. Let’s improve on our conversations. 

You can ask “hope you slept well” instead and you can say “remember to eat“…

*If the world doesn’t change then we’d never get dressed.


Sending love, wisdom and light your way. Now &always FAM. 👪


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