I’m not going to wait until you’re gone.

I cannot give you everything… I wish I could. 


Photosource: @peterwords

Hey… You there!

When was the last time someone asked you if  you were happy? 

With the alarming increase in suicide rate lately, I cannot shy away from the subject.

It is important that we prioritize our mental health because just like the other organs in our bodies, our mental health can break down aswell. It needs to be managed.

We experience so many emotions and thoughts daily, sometimes it may start to feel like we are drowning in them.

IMG_20180612_184950_692.jpgRemember this: Obstacles are overrated! There is no problem without a solution.

Some days I’m vulnerable…

Some days I’m caught up in experiencing life and its woes…

Some days I’m happy…

Some days I’m numb…

But these are the days I wouldn’t trade for anything or anyone.


Photo source: @benzapah

Everything doesn’t have to make sense at the moment. Adventures are fun despite not knowing the end result, so also is life. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

Don’t just exist, LIVE.  

I imagine everyday I wake up, life challenges me to a dare and I am determined to win. I must win. For me, there is no other choice.

Although the battles are personal and internal, but for the sake of those who love and need me… I would not quit this. I should not.


Depression often gets swept under the rug. Its mostly mistaken for mood swings but the wounds cut so much deeper than others can fathom.

The pain and worry may be involuntary but happiness is a choice. A personal decision. Choose it daily, especially on the days when it is hardest to do so.

Don’t shortchange yourself. Getting half of you just isn’t enough. There’s so much to live for.

There’s no need pretending to not need anyone. Talk it out. Pray through it.

I pray you find the courage to hold on. If you’re hurt, I’m hurting too (we are family here) 👪

Be hopeful… 💪

I am hopeful… For you


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