A Starving Society…

  Home is where the heart is.
        IMG_20180529_100027_450.jpg                                                                              Last week, i met a man lying helplessly by the roadside covered in dust.
   I couldn’t tell if he was dead or alive. It turns out he had been starving for so long that he had decided to await death.
Giving up hope, giving up on life.
   A few days later, i met another man who had just one hand but to my greatest surprise, he was a bus conductor. It was obvious he was struggling with his activities yet he prevailed.
   I kept on observing as he opened and closed the heavy door with just one hand. I realized life depends on the perception of the individuals.
   The lesson learnt from both men above is the difference in their perspective.
Ever heard the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? 
    The African continent comprises of 54 countries and is blessed with gold, diamonds, oil, coltam, bauxite, uranium,iron ore & other valuable resources contrary to the fact that it is considered as mostly undeveloped and has high rate of poverty.
Reportedly, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa boasting of 128,771,998 individuals.
Although disappointingly, Nigeria is still known as a developing or undeveloped country.
It is mostly described negatively, an example is the fact that Nigeria is named the 33rd most corrupt country in the world, there has been recent terrorist attacks, corruption and stagnancy in development.
Nevertheless, Nigeria has her merits as well. She is a nation filled with beautiful & diverse cultures, hardworking & relentless people.
Photo source: @krakstv
Nigerians are possibly the strongest people in the world due to their impressive survival instincts. 
   It is possible to be misled by the notion that a country as populated as Nigeria would be far more developed than it is now.
   Due to the hard working nature of Nigerians, one might think the rate of poverty would be minimal yet the reverse is the case.
    With the change of hands in power, the economy seems to have plummeted. Although this issue had been disguised for so long under the umbrella of corruption.
Change is a process which requires time & patience but it seems Nigerians have run out of that, which is an understandable state of mind considering the conditions we live in.
Unemployment and death rate have also increased due to inefficient healthcare, people are dying of starvation, criminal activity increasing daily.
With the hike in fuel prices, exchange rates, food, education, virtually everything; survival has become too tasking for the average Nigerian’s daily survival.
   Entrepreneurship is fast growing in the economy but most recently, businesses and companies have been folding up and those who have managed to stay afloat are barely making profit.
What then happens to the workers let-off? What happens to the unemployed youth? Who is to blame? Do we change leaders?… so many questions!
It is time we start asking the right questions? Questions like… What is the way forward? How do we progress? How do we avert disaster?
    The average Nigerian now practices the 101 or 110 method (a food plan where one would have to skip a meal or two daily, depending on what they can afford) just to get by.
Do we blame the government? 
   Acquiring education may seem pointless considering there are no job opportunities, so then how do we encourage the children (tomorrow’s supposed leaders) to carry on?
Probably by being strong ourselves and leading by example. How did it get to this stage? Has it always been this way? Have we been blindsided for long? Would it get better?
So many questions, very few answers.
We thank the good lord we do not have to pay for the air we breathe because some may not be able to afford it.
Do we throw in the towel? NO!
So what now? Keep holding on. Never lose hope.
We are Nigerians!
We are Africans and We are strong… 
Peace&Unity. 💚
                                                              OSAIYUWU OMOSEDE THELMA.

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